Singing Hypnobabies Mom, Temple’s Birth Story

Singing Hypnobabies Mom, Temple’s Birth Story


I meant to write my birth story a long time ago and with 3 kids well… you know. Anyway, that was me singing on YouTube in the previous post. Our son’s birth went very well. I used Hypnobabies and kept my switch in the center position for a good portion of the labor but still used off quite a bit as well. When I was using the off position everyone thought I was asleep! LOL! And I had some pretty strong rushes like that!

I decided to try singing to see how it would work. I had been to a Barbra Harper birth workshop and she was talking about this Japanese midwife who has all of her clients sing and the wonderful results they have and since I’m a singer and it relaxes me anyway I thought why not!

I had a very fast transition, only about 3 pressure waves and all of a sudden …

I was pushing! I got in the water at that point to slow things down a bit and let my midwife catch up. She thought I had another couple of hours to go. 

At this point I wasn’t really using the Hypnobabies anymore. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to really practice it with a partner enough to have help getting back on track with it. I was ok though because I was in the water and I did have support.

I thought that 2nd stage would be easier if the baby was in the right position this time (my second baby was ROA and had a nuchal hand…not comfortable) but he was so big that he pressed on a nerve and my right leg was almost numb. Not truly numb but not useful anymore… does that make sense? I have had trouble with that area a lot so I don’t think this happens to many women. 

Anyway, I know a lot of good pushing positions but none that only require one leg! I was a little out of it at that point because it was just so unexpected… I’m so used to squatting and I just couldn’t. After I finally got his head out I thought the rest would be easy but as it turns out his chest (15 in) was even bigger than his (14 1/2 in) head! It was like pushing out a log! But out he did come and we are all doing fine.

If I could’ve spent more time practicing with a partner I would have and I think it would’ve helped me more during 2nd stage.

Peace and Blessings, Temple

Originally posted January 21, 2008