Hypnobabies in the News

Hypnobabies in the News

Childbirth hypnosis worked so well for this mom, she teaches it to others

susan“I began researching epidurals and other medical interventions in an effort to calm my fears, but I discovered there were far more potential risks involved than I had realized,” she tells me. “I changed my approach to researching childbirth techniques that could help me minimize discomfort and my need for medical interventions.”


The “eyes-open hypnosis” approach allows expectant mothers to move around, communicate and change birthing positions while in hypnosis, Anthofer said.  http://carrollspaper.com/Content/Local-News-Archive/Local-News/Article/-Hypnobabies-class-offered-for-expectant-mothers/1/1/22511

Hypnobabies has also been featured in many other places in the pregnancy and birthing community; here are a few of them:

Remarkable Rutherford Woman: Having babies the ‘easy’ way – without anesthesia

Amanda-Johnson-and-kids 2

“Several “coincidences” occurred four years ago that led to Readyville’s Amanda Johnson having two young sons, giving birth to them using self-hypnosis instead of anesthesia, and teaching workshops on the Hypnobabies technique for other expectant mothers.” http://www.murfreesboropost.com/remarkable-rutherford-woman-having-babies-the-easy-way-without-anesthesia-cms-44379



samantha-willisVideo ~ Hypnobabies Instructor Samantha Willis talks to her local news station in Lafayette, LA about Hypnobabies!






Video ~ Hypnobabies Can Create Calmer

Childbirths – CBS Minnesota 




Congratulations to Bonnie Baker, Claudia Buckley and Kerry Tuschhoff for making the news!  Read their story HERE

“Hypnobabies uses self-hypnosis, similar to what people use for medical hypno-anesthesia for people who cannot use pain medication,” said Baker, who began teaching Hypnobabies classes in 2014 after using its techniques to have her second child. “So this is not just guided imagery or visualization.”






After using Hypnobabies techniques to labor in relaxed fashion at home for much of the day, Buckley recalled how her calm demeanor baffled professionals who checked her into the hospital. Her third son was born half an hour later, and Buckley described the whole experience as amazing.


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