Heal Your Birth Trauma for More Joy

Have you experienced a challenging or even traumatic birth?

Hypnobabies now has a Birth Trauma Specialist – certified hypnotherapist Kimberly Gross. It is such a joy to be free of painful memories, build a bridge to new ones, and enjoy your baby and your life much more! Kim’s practice focuses on assisting you to release what is not working in your life and empowering you with tools to improve it. You can contact Kim for a free consultation at Kim@lifebalancehypnotherapy.com.

Kimberly Gross brings a comprehensive set of skills to her practice; she has a wealth of experience including being a doula, childbirth educator and student midwife along with her extensive hypnosis expertise. Her qualifications, including CCHt, HCHI, HCHD, and CBP, showcase her commitment to professional excellence in the field.

Through a combination of hypnosis, transpersonal therapies, and meditation exercises, Kim helps clients overcome challenges such as birth trauma and fear, addiction, weight management, performance anxiety, habits, phobias, and other traumas. 

With a focus on lasting change, Kim teaches clients easy-to-remember techniques to reduce and eliminate anxiety and stress, common triggers for unwanted memories and behaviors. During each session, clients experience a gentle and relaxing state of hypnosis, where powerful positive suggestions are provided.

Kim goes beyond the therapy room by offering at-home techniques and “home-play” assignments, encouraging and supporting clients in their journey towards positive transformation. Whether you’re seeking to improve sleep, build confidence, release trauma, anxiety or bad habits, or transform negative thinking patterns, Kim’s empathetic and professional approach aims to guide you toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.

You can book your free consultation today, and become free of birth trauma! Kim@lifebalancehypnotherapy.com