birthing woman using technique

Birthing woman using Spinning Babies technique

At Hypnobabies, we really want you to have a much easier pregnancy so we have complied some great resources for you:

First, the amazing Spinning Babies website which has helped so many people enjoy their pregnancies, become more prepared for childbirth with excellent exercises and positions, and get their bodies and babies aligned properly for a smoother birthing!


Spinning Babies Website Main Page
Spinning Babies Shop
Belly Mapping Workbook – find out what position your baby is in at any time!
Better Birth with Body Balancing – super important!
​​​​​​​Breech Birth Quick Guide Booklet – for all birth professionals to learn excellent information about breech babies and what to do; keep this booklet in your doula bag!
Breech Birth Quick Guide Digital Download – the downloadable version
Daily Essentials DVD –  for all pregnant people! A unique instructional video for comfort in pregnancy now, and flexibility and ease for your upcoming birth
Daily Essentials Streaming and Digital Download – online access
Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD – (excellent!) This fantastic Parent Class shows you how to:
* Avoid unwanted and unexpected cesarean surgery for lack of progress
* Use the Fantastic Four balancing activities for pregnancy and labor
* Tips for flipping breech or transverse babies in pregnancy
* Engage baby by early labor to shorten labor and avoid surgery
* Overcome a posterior or transverse arrest
* Tell if labor is progressing normally or has a stall that you can resolve!

Spinning Babies Parent Class Streaming and Digital Download – online access
Quick Reference Booklet – A stand-alone reference for what to do, when and how in pregnancy and labor – based on the Spinning Babies® Workshop.
Quick Reference Digital Download – online access
German Quick Reference Digital Download

Prenatal Physical Health & Labor Prep ClassTaught by Whitney Sippl, DPT, WCS, a women’s health physical therapist specializing in prenatal and postnatal physical therapy, it includes 9 excellent videos on
-The Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy (21 min)
-Perineal Massage/“Prep” (15 min)
-Managing Scar Tissue During Pregnancy (7 min)
-Abdominal Massage and Diastasis Recti Prevention (14 min)
-Posture and Body Mechanics (15 min)
-Safe Core Exercises for Pregnancy (19 min)
-Pelvic Pains During Pregnancy (17 min)
-Preparing for Labor and Labor Tools (13 min)
-Pregnancy Tips (14 min)

Free Prenatal Yoga, anyone? Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Online Program has no fee, but receives contributions.
There is also a great Online Workshop for Birth Professionals – Join Amy Wright Glenn, author of the book Birth, Breath and Death for this educational and inspirational 30-hr Birthing Mama® program designed for doulas, midwives, yoga teachers and childbirth educators.