Hypnobabies Self-Study Course FAQs

Q ~ I’m expecting a baby and very excited about learning hypnosis for childbirth! Why do I need to learn an entire Home-Study Course? Isn’t it enough to just read a book and listen to a audio track or two?
A ~ That depends on what your goals are for your baby’s birth. If you want a more relaxed birth, then simply reading a book and listening to one or two  audio tracks may be enough for you to feel satisfied with your birthing experience. If however, what you are looking for is a more comfortable and much easier birth, you are going to have to prepare for it with dedication! Hypnobabies is very successful in this area, and has daily “Home-Play” that needs to be done to achieve success. Our Hypnobabies Birth Stories are a testament to this dedication and the results speak for themselves!

Q ~ What is the difference between Hypnobabies and a typical hypno-birthing course?
A ~ Please see our Unique Benefits page for information on this very important question, including many testimonials from students who have used *both* methods!

Q ~ Is there an Online version of the Hypnobabies Home Study Course?
A ~ Yes, we have a very successful Online Hypnobabies Home Study Course available that is easy and convenient to use. You can see a short demo of it and play with it a bit here!

Q ~ Is Hypnobabies just deep relaxation or meditation?
A ~ No! Actually Hypnobabies is not meditation or simply deep relaxation; Hypnobabies teaches and uses a very deep, medical-grade type of hypnosis that allows the inner mind to produce Hypno-anesthesia. The amazing physical comfort and emotional confidence our Hypnobabies students experience during childbirth is due to learning, practicing and using these powerful somnambulistic hypnosis techniques! 

Q ~ What kind of “work” will I be doing as I prepare for my child’s birth using Hypnobabies?
A ~ You’ll take some time for yourself every day learning to relax deeply, listen to beautiful messages (audio tracks) about having a comfortable and easy birthing experience, and become more confident that pregnancy is a normal, healthy state of being and the miracle of birth is peaceful. You’ll read important information (in your Hypnobabies workbook or online course) about how to make excellent birthing choices and plan the birth of your dreams. Best of all, you’ll bond with your sweet baby during each hypnosis session, and become in tune with your own needs, your own body, your own mind.

Q ~ How will I learn my Hypnobabies Home Study Course?
A ~ There are 6 Hypnobabies classes in the course: you’ll learn the information in each Class in one week’s time, and then move on to the next Class/week. In each Class you’ll be learning and participating in a new part of the program, first by reading one section in your Hypnobabies workbook or online course (15-20 minutes a day), and by listening to one main hypnosis audio track (35-40 minutes, and ONLY listened to while in a relaxed, fully supported position – see below). Next, you’ll learn and practice a cue for instant self-hypnosis called the “Finger-drop Technique”. The “Finger-drop Technique” is important since it will be the way that you enter hypnosis when you have a contraction during your labor. Please be aware that it is very important that you listen to one main audio track every day, and practice your “Finger-drop Technique” daily, which is easily completed by listening to your shorter (15 -20 min.) “Finger-drop Technique” audio track. The more you practice and participate in your Hypnobabies hypno-tools, the more comfortable you’ll feel when your Birthing Time actually arrives. This is because hypnosis and relaxation techniques become much more effective through repetition, which compounds the effects.

You also have a Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations audio track to listen to daily, which is not a hypnosis track and can be listened to any time, even while driving. This is a wonderful opportunity to keep your conscious mind in sync with the positive messages you are receiving subconsciously through your daily hypnosis track. It also builds inner strength and confidence in your body, your mind and your natural birthing plans!

***PLEASE NOTE: Hypnobabies hypnosis audio tracks and techniques can only be listened to/practiced while you are in a relaxed, fully supported position such as sitting in/on a cushy chair or a sofa, or lying down. Hypnobabies hypnosis audio tracks and techniques can NEVER be listened to/practiced while driving, operating machinery, walking or doing anything which requires your full attention.***

Q ~ I’m single. Can I use the Hypnobabies Home Study Course Successfully?
A ~ Yes! If you are  single, or one whose significant other will not be able to participate in your Hypnobabies program with you, please feel confident that you can do this by yourself. Even though there are many references to the Birth Partner throughout our course, (for the students who do have one) Hypnobabies is easily used very effectively  by those who are learning the program by themselves. Master Hypnotists, Gerald Kein, developed his original “Painless Childbirth” hypnosis techniques (which we use in Hypnobabies), so that women could feel confident doing them alone if they so chose. Our Hypnobabies self-hypnosis and deepening cues are easily learned and used, and we provide you with a “Birth Guide” audio track which is similar to having a Birth Partner whisper powerful Hypnobabies cues and phrases to you through your Birthing Time, keeping you in hypnosis; deeply relaxed and more comfortable. Many Hypnobabies students have successfully used our program by themselves and had a wonderful birthing, and you can too!
Q ~ Will I be able to move around and be awake if I want to be, and be aware of my body and my baby during my labor using hypnosis?
A ~ Absolutely! Being in Hypnobabies’ “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis” is not like being asleep or detached from the sensations of your baby’s birth. You are awake and aware of everything going on around you (if you want to be!), and you experience baby’s every movement. You remain deeply in hypnosis, confident and calm and comfortable, even while moving and changing positions. Your Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia techniques (when learned, practiced and used as directed) allow you to experience all the power of childbirth with much less discomfort.

Q ~ I only have 2- 3 weeks left before my baby is due! Do I have time to complete the Hypnobabies Home-Study Course for Expectant Mothers?
A ~ Unfortunately…no.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Hypnobabies Home-Study Course is a 6 week childbirth hypnosis course. This means that it takes 6 weeks to *learn* the deep hypnosis techniques that will enable you to have a much easier and more comfortable birthing, and then you will need time to *practice them* as well for several weeks. For the best benefit, it is actually optimum for you to have at least 2 months or more time to complete your Hypnobabies course and to practice your hypnosis cues and techniques. Please order by (at least) 7 months of pregnancy to allow for enough time to complete and practice our childbirth hypnosis course materials and techniques. We want all of our Hypnobabies students to enjoy their baby’s birth to the fullest!

Q ~ Does Hypnobabies really work?
A ~ Yes! For those who learn, practice and use our Hypnobabies techniques during their baby’s birthing as directed, the results are wonderful, easier and much more comfortable births than any other natural childbirth method can provide. (Please see our Unique Benefits page for some insightful quotes from home study students about having used other programs, and then Hypnobabies.) Hypnobabies uses deep, medical-grade somnambulistic hypnosis techniques which are also used my people undergoing surgery who have allergies to medical anesthesia! Hypnobabies “Hypno-anesthesia” techniques and cues work well for most, as long as it is learned practiced and used as directed.

Q ~ How does hypnosis for childbirth work?
A ~ Like computer data entry. If you want to create a document to use later, you open one, enter the text and save the contents in a “file”, then give the file a name. Later, when you want to edit or modify that document, you find the file name and open it, add to the document text and save it again. When you are completely finished with your document, you find the file by its name, complete and ready, and print it out for your use.

In Hypnobabies, our “files” are our medical Hypno-anesthesia “scripts” in the form of audio tracks and paper scripts, and all you have to do is listen to them. In doing so, you train your inner mind, just like entering text into a document, about what to accept. Each week, you add a little bit of training, just like the text in your document, and your inner mind creates a new belief system about childbirth. The inner mind accepts that the normal birthing sensations you’ll have when you give birth; pushing, pulling, stretching, pressure sensations, will indeed be there, but with different, more comfortable physical feelings attached to them. You train your inner mind to accept cues and techniques to bring you deeper into hypnosis, and when you use the hypno-cues on your birthing day, just like printing out your document, they are “activated” automatically! Your mind is very powerful and is capable of creating a much more comfortable birthing experience with Hypnobabies’ Hypno-anesthesia. 

A ~ To learn more: Download our free “What is Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth?” MP3 with a 20 minute explanation of what hypnosis and Hypnobabies are, and a special gift – our free “Instantly Calm” hypnosis session MP3, which allows you to actually experience deep relaxation and a hypnotic state, as well as learn a special cue that trains you to become calm and relaxed in any situation, which you can use for the rest of your life!

Q ~ I’m a childbirth/medical/hypnosis professional/doula. Can I order the Home-Study course and learn to teach couples childbirth hypnosis?
A ~ No. Our Hypnobabies Home Study Course is only for expectant students to use in preparation for their baby’s birth. It cannot be used to train anyone to become a childbirth hypnosis instructor, and professionals cannot “teach” Hypnobabies or any kind of birth hypnosis from this course. Only birth professionals who have been certified through Hypnobabies Inc. by taking our Hypnobabies Instructor Training can teach Hypnobabies, and the Instructor materials are quite different than the Hypnobabies Home Study Course.

Q ~ I noticed that you have other hypnosis tracks in the Hypnobabies store – will I need any of them to make my Hypnobabies course complete or is everything included?
A ~ Your Hypnobabies Home Study Course contains all of the audio tracks that you will need to learn, practice and use Hypnobabies effectively.  The individual Mp3 tracks available for sale in our Hypnobabies store are *additional* tracks that can be used to enhance breastfeeding, fertility enhancement, eliminate nausea, turn a breech baby, weight release for postpartum, etc.

Hypnobabies® – Natural Childbirth at its best!

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