Hypnobabies Fertility Program


YOU want to become pregnant and … WE want to help! Your mind is very powerful and you can direct it to help your body and emotions in many ways as you journey toward parenthood. Hypnosis has helped many women to become pregnant and we have put together an excellent and easy to use Fertility-Enhancement program with hypnotherapist Trisha Fuller, Founder of Hypnosis for Health and Happiness/TheCanadian Hypnosis Academy.

Our Hypnobabies Fertility Program includes 4 Fertility Hypnosis audio tracks and 4 Fertility Affirmations tracks for *you*, and 2 Bonus audio tracks for your partner! (Read our Fertility Program mom’s success stories below!) You can find complete descriptions of our Hypno-Fertility audio tracks (2 for each week of your cycle) below. ***Remember to use discount code hypno1528 for 10% off at checkout!***Man Lying in a hammock with headphones on

It also includes a 9-page PDF of instructions for using your Hypnobabies Fertility Program and access to our online Hypnobabies Fertility Support Group, where you can receive support, encouragement and information from other moms and instructors.

As you begin to explore hypnosis as an option for becoming pregnant, it is important to remember a few things about hypnosis and how your mind works:

Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind that we all slip in and out of automatically many times a day, but for some people, the word “hypnosis” conjures up images of stage hypnotists re-creating Elvis, or mesmerizing others into embarrassing situations, most of which is just silliness. It is now much more common for hypnosis to be used therapeutically in many areas of medicine, dental anesthesia and personal therapy sessions.

Here are a few more facts about hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis is actually a state in which you are neither asleep nor wide awake but somewhere pleasant in between.
  • It is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation in which you can focus your mind on what you want to obtain.
  • Hypnosis does not interfere with a person’s religious orientation. Hypnosis is a safe and easy way to direct the inner mind to focus exclusively on creating and achieving an outcome.
  • There is no “going under”; you are “in” hypnosis only when and how you want to be.
  • Hypnosis feels very natural … because it is!

Please Remember: All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis!

You are always in control of your mind and your body while in hypnosis. At all times, you choose to enter hypnosis, you choose to remain in hypnosis, you choose to accept the suggestions and you choose to emerge from hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not:

  1. Being controlled by someone else
  2. A loss of self-control
  3. A state of unconsciousness
  4. A state of sleep

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which:

  1. You are in total control and …
  2. You can accept or reject any suggestions you hear

Examples of everyday hypnotic states which you have already experienced naturally:

  1. Driving the car
  2. Riding in an elevator
  3. Watching TV, movies, computer screens or video games
  4. Being bored by another person
  5. Waking up and going to sleep
  6. Daydreaming

So, you have been in hypnosis many times and now you are simply harnessing that ability and directing it in the way that benefits you most!

  1. Fertility Harmony and Balance Hypnosis Session
  2. Fertility Harmony and Balance Affirmations
  3. Love Your Period Hypnosis Session
  4. Love Your Period Affirmations
  5. Easy Ovulation Hypnosis Session
  6. Easy Ovulation Affirmations
  7. Amazing Conception Hypnosis Session
  8. Amazing Conception Affirmations

Bonus Tracks, for our Dads-to-be!

  1. Amazing Healthy Sperm Hypnosis Session
  2. Amazing Healthy Sperm Affirmations

Why Affirmations along with your Fertility Hypnosis sessions? To engage the conscious mind as well as the subconscious!

We provide you with one Fertility Affirmations audio track that corresponds with each Hypnosis session that you listen to, so your inner mind and conscious mind can be in synch at all times. We also provide you with a 9-page PDF of instructions that include written Affirmations for every stage of your cycle that you can print out and use every day; saying them and seeing them constantly. Your daily Fertility Affirmations keep your conscious mind focused on your *goal* – a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth and holding your new, precious baby in your arms! Your mind can then assist in creating for you what you dwell upon most, and since it does that anyway, making your goals clear on a consistent basis helps the results become much more positive. 

relaxed woman enjoying listening to hypnosis with headphones closed eyes

According to hypnotherapist Shelby L. Martin:

“If someone wants to change what they have been experiencing in life, they need to understand what specific thought patterns and beliefs are creating their experiences. It is then their responsibility to REPLACE those old thought patterns with new, more productive ones. Changing a habit of thinking is like changing a habit of behavior. It may be challenging to change at first, because our old way of thinking has become comfortable to us. It is what we know. It is easier to do what we know. In order for any new thinking to become comfortable, a new habit must be consciously practiced until it becomes as comfortable to you as the old habit was. 

When you first learn a new skill you must consciously THINK about each step in the process. You continue to do this while you PRACTICE until you no longer consciously think through each step. It becomes AUTOMATIC.Your thoughts are still telling yourself what behaviors to choose to accomplish the skill; you are just no longer aware of them, as they happen very rapidly and without your conscious awareness. When you first learned a new route, such as driving to your work place for the first time, you had to consciously think out each step of the directions. Almost everybody has had the experience of driving to a routine destination and suddenly arriving there with no conscious memory of how you got there. You no longer have to consciously think out the directions, it has become AUTOMATIC,but the thoughts are still present, influencing our behaviors, choosing where to turn, when to stop, etc.

Affirmations are a structured way to practice new thoughts. Just like any new skill, daily practice is necessary to become competent in the skill. With affirmations, you are consciously practicing new thought patterns until these new thoughts become your new habits of thinking and behaving, leading to much more satisfying results for you. Because affirmations are practices of new thoughts and your thoughts create your reality, the importance of affirmations becomes very clear.”

So, it is very easy for you to change the way you consciously think about fertility, pregnancy and being a new parent by listening to the Affirmations tracks that correspond with the Fertility Hypnosis tracks you are listening to during each part of your cycle. Simply listen with an open mind and heart, knowing that when you change your belief systems, your thoughts will remain focused on your goals and you can more easily enhance your body and mind’s readiness for pregnancy. When we focus on anything on a consistent basis, our inner mind assumes, “OH, that’s what she wants!”, and begins to produce corresponding beliefs, behaviors and chemical reactions in the body that can more easily achieve that goal. Therefore, people who dwell on negative thoughts or fears and pessimistic “what if’s” create more negative results because their subconscious mind only has negative “food” on which to feed.

Women who want to become pregnant need to keep a constant stream of positive thoughts and imagery about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting flowing so that their mind can help create what they want – a healthy, full-term pregnancy, a safe birth and a robustly precious baby! Banish negative thoughts and focus completely on thoughts and imagery that your mind can use daily to help you: Your body (and your partner’s body) working in a healthy way, ovulation taking place easily, sperm and egg meeting and magically uniting, implantation occurring safely, baby beginning to form, you finding out you’re pregnant, your body changing and growing as you nurture your baby’s perfect growth, enjoying pregnancy and childbirth and finally and most importantly, holding your precious baby in your arms, in love and joy. Create what you want by consistently thinking about what you wantinstead of dwelling on all the things that could go wrong! This is where affirmations really shine; every day they help you maintain joyful, positive thoughts about becoming pregnant and having your baby!

Hypnobabies Fertility Program pregnancy success stories:

Mom with PCOS talks about her fertility:

As someone who has grown up being told that I can do whatever I want as long as I work hard, encountering a situation where that advice doesn’t necessarily apply can be a difficult thing.  I felt that I had worked so hard my whole life to do everything according to “plan” such as get a good education, have a good career, be independent, get married, that when I reached the “start a family” part of my plan I was almost indignant that it wasn’t in my control.

Of course when I was first told I have PCOS and it would be more difficult for me to conceive I threw myself at the problem in an almost scientific way – take this medicine, do this exercise, eat this food, test this, measure that….etc. etc. etc.  I did eventually become pregnant but suffered a miscarriage shortly after.

Although I was outwardly positive and would tell my husband about all my plans to make this work for us, inside I was devastated.  I felt like I was letting him down and that nothing I could do was good enough and that was taking a toll on me.

When I first heard about doing hypnosis to help with fertility, I was in the process where I would try anything to have a baby and this was a lot less invasive than some of the alternatives so I thought, “why not!”.

As I worked through the Hypnobabies Fertility Program, I learned so much about myself and the power of my mind.  As I learned to visualize each stage in my cycle I felt more in tune with my body than I ever had before.  I was surprised at how easily I was able to relax and how positive and well rested I would feel after each session.  The more I continued the exercises the easier it became and the more it became a part of my everyday routine.  I became calmer and more confident.  And wouldn’t you know it, I became pregnant!

Of course my main goal throughout this process was to become pregnant but what I didn’t realize was how much I would benefit in my everyday life as well.  Through the techniques in the Hypnobabies Fertility Program I am able to apply a lot of what I have learned to other life situations.  It is a process but, I am learning that it is okay not to be perfect all the time or to have every answer to every question or to control everything that comes my way.  I am learning to be relaxed, confident and to take things in stride.  I have become more positive in general and I believe that has helped my anxiety during my pregnancy and now I have a healthy baby!  I plan on continuing to use these techniques to help me as I go through life and encounter all types of situations, good or bad.  

Rehana G, Edmonton  

Mom gets a baby boy with Hypnobabies Fertility Program:

Just a quick note…we had a baby boy this past May.  We are so happy and grateful!  I really believe the Hypnobabies Fertility Program was a major factor in finally being able to get pregnant (and stay pregnant), thank you Hypnobabies! 

Lisa J. Red Deer, AB

Mom is so much more calm, relaxed and confident about her cycles:

Hi. My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for about four years and in March of 2015 we finally got pregnant but two months later I had a miscarriage.  I was devistated and every time I would get my period I would plummet into a depression. The Hypnobabies fertility program changed my outlook on my period and our ability to become pregnant change completely!  For the first time I was excited to get my period and the repeating the positive affirmations helped me see how vital every process it to getting pregnant. I listen to each hypnotherapy mp3 at the appropriate times for when my body is changing and I’m excited to see that my body is changing. I’m recognizing when I’m fertile and staying positive when my period arrives to give us a fresh  opportunity to get pregnant!  Thank you Hypnobabies!

Melissa R.

Mom becomes calm and confident while listening to her Fertility Tracks:

Hey Kerry, I just wanted to write you a note about the fertility and easy pregnancy audio files that I’d purchased and used over the weekend. Thank you! Sincerely, thank you. I have suffered with frequent early pregnancy loss since a bought of chronic appendicitis in 2012. Subconsciously, I thought this last conception was a losing battle and suffered extreme depression Monday – Wednesday last week. Then I listened to the balance affirmations in my fertility set on Thursday, and my mind turned a 180. After listening, my mind and body were calm and the bleeding would stop, until tension and doubt would settle in again. I continued exploring the fertility mp3s listening to the hypnosis for balance and then conception. In spite of very low initial hcg and progesterone levels, I felt empowered, energetic, and hopeful for the next month’s possibilities. And then yesterday, I got the surprise of my life when the hcg level multiplied by 6! And the progesterone went up to a healthy level. It is still extremely early (4w 4d) but I haven’t experienced this level of promise in a pregnancy since my daughter, over 7 years ago. I credit those balance affirmations with being my mental life raft and rescuing me from the sea of despair and grief that I was drowning in, and offering me a steady platform for which my baby could settle in. Who knows where things will go from here? But I can say that at this very moment, I’m pregnant and open to whatever it may be. And so, we’ll just take it one day and one milestone at a time from here, knowing that if this pregnancy does not go the distance, I have the awesome support of these audio tracks to help me along my journey next time. Thanks so much for this resource.  With great fondness and gratitude, Lauren

And she followed up with another PM the next day:

Hcg went up in 48 hours from 76 to 199! Kerry I’m so excited and using my affirmations any time anxiety sneaks up on me. Also the hypnotic visual of my husband and me linking arms and wrapping around, in a pseudo-hug, the baby to protect it!

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