Welcome to our Recommended Books list! Although we may receive an affiliate commission for a few of these, we have researched all of them and recommend them for their important information, empowering messages, and respectful support of those who are pregnant, birthing and postpartum!

Best birth/VBAC book: Changing Birth on Earth: A midwife and nurse’s guide to using physiology to avoid another unnecessary cesarean – by the amazing Gail Tully of Spinning Babies! Book includes a FREE video course from Gail Tully; the course consists of a 60-minute video, transcript, and interactive workbook. Details are included in the Thank You section at the end of the book.

BEST book for everyone who wants a more comfortable pregnancy – Ending Pain in Pregnancy, by physical therapist and pelvic floor specialist Isa Herrera

Elevating Pregnancy, Affirmations and Wisdom for Pregnancy & Birth, by nurse and doula Angela J Brown. 

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices, by Sarah J. Buckley, M.D.

Looking for a Baby Registry? Be Her Village provides parents with *services* instead of stuff. Doulas, CBE classes, Pelvic floor help, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, etc. 🙂

Prenatal Nutrition

Real Food for Pregnancy, by Lily Nichols

Real food for Gestational Diabetes. by Lily Nichols


 Breastfeeding: Empowering Parents, by Dr Jack Newman

Nursing Mother/Working Mother, by Gale Pryor

Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding: Completely Revised and Updated 8th Edition, by La Leche League International

 A Loving Weaning: How to Move Forward Together, by Lanoue, Winema Wilson

 Free support for those who are breastfeeding: La Leche League Breastfeeding Support Groups


8 Steps to Grow a Family That at Thrives, by Elly Taylor – “Based on 15 years of research and the stories of hundreds of parents, the award winning Becoming Us describes the stages mothers, fathers and couples go through in their first few years of family. You’ll find a pathway that leads you to a happy, healthy and resilient family. And if you need extra support for things like relationship issues or mental health concerns, you’ll find it too. You’ll have the steps to use, over and over again, to get you to where you both want to be. People say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood, but Becoming Us gives you the knowledge, practical skills and guidance to love, learn and grow into a family that thrives.”

Connection Parenting; Parenting through Connection instead of Coercion, through Love instead of Fear – by Pam Leo

Baby Sign Language Made Easy: 101 Signs to Start Communicating with Your Child Now, by Rebelo, Lane

Medical Care Information: Patient Empowerment 101 is an important book for anyone seeing any kind of doctor, written by an MD.

You will learn how to communicate with physicians on an unprecedented level!

  1. Prepare for upcoming visits to the doctor to make the most out of every minute.
  2. Chart details of common symptoms that will help your doctor diagnose you faster, often with fewer tests and procedures.
  3. Learn how to pick the right doctor and research his credentials.
  4. Understand various types of health insurance and go thru a case study.
  5. Develop your own personal copy of vital health records. Download charts to facilitate this process.
  6. Understand the power of the health advocate, paid or free.
  7. Learn tips on how to use technology to improve your health.
  8. Understand commonly ordered tests and terms your doctor may use when explaining results.
  9. Review a glossary of standard medical terms. A pronunciation key is provided.
  10. Understand standard medical abbreviations.
  11. And more!

Books for LIFE!

Mastering Respectful Confrontation: A Guide to Personal Freedom and Empowered, Collaborative Engagement

Change Your Mind To Change Your Reality: How Shifting Your Thinking Can Unlock Your Health, Your Relationships, and Your Peace of Mind