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2024 Hypnobabies Instructor Training banner - April 26-29 Bring easier, more comfortable childbirth to your community by joining us at Hypnobabies Instructor Training!


Our Hypnobabies Instructor Training; extremely detailed and comprehensive, with hypnosis demonstrations and participation as well as a full Hypnobabies birth rehearsal. Please join us for our next public Instructor Training where you will learn to teach Hypnobabies Edition 8 classes, and bring a much easier way to give birth to the families in your community. (Even OB/GYNs are using Hypnobabies for their births)

Discounts – Hypno-Doulas and doula groups of 3 or more registering at the same time get $200 off their Training Balance Fee! Just request your discount during your Zoom interview.

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Hypnotherapists – thank you for your interest, however we are no longer accepting hypnotherapists into our Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor Training. Trainees need to be birth workers or a Hypno-mom/student. If you are a trained birth professional or a Hypno-mom/student *and* have some training in hypnosis, we will be happy to accept your application.

Application Process for our 2024 public Hypnobabies Online Instructor Training: 

  • Read the information on this page *and* on our Instructor Training FAQs page.
  • Fill out your online Instructor Training Application. ($29 fee) 
  • Watch for an e-mail inviting you to call and schedule your Zoom Interview.
  • Complete your Hypnobabies Zoom Interview.
  • After acceptance, you will receive an invitation to register for our 2024 public Hypnobabies Instructor Training.
  • Instructor Training Registration is completed online, with your $500 Training Deposit due at registration. Read tributes on how our certified Hypnobabies Instructors feel about their Training and why they chose to bring Hypnobabies to the families in their communities!

Basic Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Instructor Training information:

Our Hypnobabies Instructor Training is a 4-day LIVE online training course, and each applicant must possess a love of working with expectant families! To attend our Instructor Training, candidates will need to have training in both of the following:
1) Childbirth ed/doula/birth worker/nurse
2) Basic hypnosis training

Hypnobabies provides a free option for you if you don’t have these backgrounds; see below.

This year we are instituting an all-inclusive fee, so the total cost for registration in our 2024 Hypnobabies Instructor Training course is $1495 per person, which includes all pre-requisite classes, workshops, books and other materials, with a non-refundable deposit of $500 due at registration.

All Trainees must attend all Training days in full – 4 days online with video, audio and speakers on!

Your Hypnobabies Instructor Training fee includes:

For Training attendance:
*All Instructor Training Pre-requisite and course materials; manuals, booklets, handouts, hypnosis audio tracks, a training tote bag, pens, labels, folders, notepads and much more
* Our online Hypnobabies Power of Birth Language course (Normally $145.00)
* Spinning Babies Belly Mapping links
 Resource Links for Birthing your Hypnobabies Business 
* Intro to Hypnosis Course for those who need it (Normally $250)
* Intro to Childbirth Education workshop for those who need it (Normally $175)

Upon completion of *certification*:
* A sample package of Hypnobabies class marketing materials
* Free Instructor and Hypno-Doula listings on our website
* Your Hypnobabies Instructor certificate and Instructor name tag
* Hypnobabies Class Videos and Instructor Resources

 Course fees are paid online by credit card, on our Training Registration site.
Hypnobabies Instructor Training Registration ends 8 weeks before our Training begins, and all Training Fees must be paid by 4 weeks before Training begins.

Have Questions? Join our Facebook Hypnobabies Instructor Training Information Group and get them answered immediately! 

Ready to fill out your online Training Application? REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS YEAR!
Hypnobabies Instructor Training Prerequisites:
1) Zoom Interview: Each qualified applicant will be contacted by e-mail to schedule a Zoom interview with our Training Manager. Zoom interviews are conducted to see if Hypnobabies is a good fit for *you* before being accepted into our program. 
2) Required Reading and Reviews: There is a Required Reading list of  2 items (one online course and one list of online links), both provided to you for *free* to you after your full Training Registration is completed. These need to be completed before your Hypnobabies Instructor Training begins, including a one-page review for each item.
3) 50 hours of basic Hypnosis Training (licensing/certification is *not* required): You can fulfill this requirement one of two ways:

A) Our free Hypnobabies Self-Study Introduction to Hypnosis Course: All applicants who have not completed 50 hours of basic hypnosis training from a reputable school of hypnosis (see below) by the time of their Zoom Interview will be required to take our Hypnobabies Self-Study Introduction to Hypnosis Course: free with your paid Registration Deposit, for those who are required to take it.  This is ordered and completed *after* you have completed your Training Application, been accepted, and then registered into our Hypnobabies Instructor Training Program. This satisfies our Hypnobabies Training’s hypnosis requirements while working at your own pace. Your Introduction to Hypnosis Course must be completed by 4 weeks before Training begins.

B) If you are a birth worker or a Hypno-student and have already taken at least 50 hours of basic hypnosis training at a reputable hypnosis school, you’ll need to provide your completed hypnosis training certificate to us. (This hypnosis training needs to have been fully completed by the time you have your Zoom interview with Hypnobabies.)

4) Childbirth Education Training: A background in childbirth education means that you are already a birth professional who has completed doula, childbirth, midwifery or nursing training (and can provide us with a copy of your training certificate).

For those *without* a background in childbirth education (our Hypno-moms/students, prenatal massage therapists, etc.), our Online Introduction to Childbirth Ed Workshop is *required* and will be completed *online* after registration and by 4 weeks before Training begins. Free with your paid Registration, for those who are required to take it. It consists of invaluable information on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and educator techniques. Workshop includes your Intro to Childbirth Ed Workshop online resources, and all other materials.
Walk away from our Hypnobabies Instructor Training process … trained! “The most through childbirth instructor training available” – that’s what  our certified Hypnobabies Instructors find out after they have been trained! Watch Amanda Johnson’s 2 minute video here.  You can also read testimonials from our Hypnobabies Instructors – why they chose to become trained in Hypnobabies, what they thought about the Training itself and what it means to them to bring a much easier and more gentle way of birthing to the families in their community.

In our Hypnobabies Instructor Training, *you* will become both student and teacher as you easily learn Hypnobabies and how to teach it effectively and compassionately … class by class, participating fully in all facets of your training. With a complete set of Hypnobabies Instructor materials and our very comprehensive, hands-on instruction, you will feel completely confident that you are qualified to successfully teach Hypnobabies and able to promote and market your classes as well. Our Instructor’s Manual is so detailed that our course teaches itself, and you will be provided with the Instructor materials that you need to easily begin your journey as a Hypnobabies Instructor. We also have a Facebook Hypnobabies Instructors group that you will join after certification, and get all of your “new instructor” questions answered.
At the end of each Hypnobabies Instructor Training day, Trainees will complete their open-book daily Quiz, and before becoming certified as a Hypnobabies Instructor, they will complete their Final Exam and Student Resource List, and provide us with their birth-business social media and website/blog URLS.

If you are a childbirth professional or one of our Hypno-students who is interested in helping expectant couples have a much easier birth experience, please visit our Instructor Training FAQs page and get started today. I cannot express how awe-inspiring it is to help families in our communities learn, practice and then use their Hypnobabies skills, to enjoy a much easier and more comfortable birth! Our minds are amazingly powerful, controlling our bodies and assisting us when we train it to, and we Hypnobabies Instructors easily and naturally teach our students how to use their own minds to the fullest.
We are changing the way childbirth is experienced, the way babies are born, and the perception of natural childbirth in the world. Join us….. if you are too. Have Questions? Join our Hypnobabies Instructor Training Facebook Group and get them answered immediately! 

Click here to apply to our 2024 Hypnobabies Instructor Training and bring gentle, easier birthing to the families in your community. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS YEAR!

Please feel free to e-mail us at for more information.
Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI
Founder and Director of Hypnobabies