General Hypnosis Tracks

We love the following general hypnosis tracks, some of which are Hypnobabies-made tracks and some are from our favorite hypnosis track sites!


I Release my Fear of Childbirth!

Positive Parenting Affirmations! (Affirmations, not hypnosis, but really REALLY good for al parents!)

Easier Weight Release with Hypnosis and Comfort Eating No More 2-TRACK SET

Easy Deep Relaxation (for *anyone* who has trouble relaxing body and mind)

Eliminate Stress and Anxiety (Guides you to release stress and anxiety with easy tools to help maintain a much more calm, relaxed, enjoyable life. Listen daily, relax deeply and help yourself live stress-free!)

Peaceful Sleep Now for ALL! (Yes, it works!)

Power Focus for Concentration

Smoke-Free Me – 2 Track Hypnosis Set

Super Confident ME! 

Toddler Sleepy-Time (Oh YES! Guides your child into deep relaxation with gentle hypnotic suggestions, woven into a sweet bedtime story that was created especially with young children (ages 1 -5) in mind. Great for naps too.)

Excellent Study Habits

Excellent Chronic Pain Relief hypnosis track – not a Hypnobabies one but very good!

Overcome fear of Pain

Make Coping with Chronic Illness Easier

Low Self-Esteem Hypnosis Pack

Dementia Help with Hypnosis

Help for Rejection Sensitivity

Worry Less about Impressing People

Manage ADHD

Coping Skills as the Parent of a Drug Addict

Prevent Alcohol Relapse

Woman relaxing in bed with headphones listening to general hypnosis tracks
Attractive young pregnant blonde woman relaxing on bed at home, listening to music with headphones