We love the following hypnosis tracks, some of which are Hypnobabies-made tracks and some are from our favorite hypnosis track sites!

I Release my Fear of Childbirth!

Positive Parenting Affirmations! (Affirmations, not hypnosis, but really REALLY good for al parents!)

Easier Weight Release with Hypnosis and Comfort Eating No More 2-TRACK SET

Easy Deep Relaxation (for *anyone* who has trouble relaxing body and mind)

Eliminate Stress and Anxiety (Guides you to release stress and anxiety with easy tools to help maintain a much more calm, relaxed, enjoyable life. Listen daily, relax deeply and help yourself live stress-free!)

Peaceful Sleep Now for ALL! (Yes, it works!)

Power Focus for Concentration

Smoke-Free Me – 2 Track Hypnosis Set

Super Confident ME! 

Toddler Sleepy-Time (Oh YES! Guides your child into deep relaxation with gentle hypnotic suggestions, woven into a sweet bedtime story that was created especially with young children (ages 1 -5) in mind. Great for naps too.)

Excellent Study Habits

Excellent Chronic Pain Relief hypnosis track – not a Hypnobabies one but very good!

Overcome fear of Pain

Make Coping with Chronic Illness Easier

Low Self-Esteem Hypnosis Pack

Dementia Help with Hypnosis

Help for Rejection Sensitivity

Worry Less about Impressing People

Manage ADHD

Coping Skills as the Parent of a Drug Addict

Prevent Alcohol Relapse