Childbirth Information

New parents smiling and cuddling newborn babyHere at Hypnobabies, we want you to enjoy the easiest and most joyful birth experience possible, and we have compiled some excellent childbirth resources to help you prepare for that!


1) The Evidence Based Birth website has a great deal of information on many subjects that will help you make educated informed decisions about issues such as medical induction, “big” babies, fetal monitoring, birthing positions, waterbirth, skin-to-skin, breech version, and so much more, with research and science behind every post and article. They also have many other childbirth resources as well.

2) Spinning Babies is an amazingly informative website that not only has birth preparation information of all kinds, it has extremely helpful posts for when you are in labor!

3) Belly Belly is a website that contains so much information and many childbirth resources: VBAC, Vernix, Hormones such as relaxin and Oxytocin and their role in pregnancy and birth, C-section scar healing, Placental expulsion, and so much more! 

4) Article – Preparing for childbirth physically with prenatal yoga and exercise is excellent, and … it’s also important to Prepare Mentally and Emotionally for such a powerful time in our lives!

5) Article – Hypnobabies Educational Series: Amniotomy? It’s your choice!

6) Waterbirthing – what is it, benefits, risks and more.

7) Article – Hypnobabies Educational Series: Amniotic Fluid Around Baby; its purpose, too much, too little, just right?