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Hypnobabies Hypnobirthing Online Self-Sudy Demo
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Our extremely successful Hypnobabies Home-Study Course is for those who want to ENJOY their baby’s natural birth by using hypnosis to eliminate pain and fear, and for those who cannot attend a Hypnobabies Class, or simply want to study on their own. Hypnobabies Home-Study Course is an advanced Hypnosis for Childbirth course, using MP3 audio tracks and our Hypnobabies written materials or online materials to prepare for a much easier and more comfortable birth experience. Hypnobabies’ deep, somnambulistic hypnosis techniques actually train the inner mind that contractions in labor will be felt as pressure, tightening, pushing and baby movement sensations. Hypnobabies uses the same kind of hypnosis techniques that people employ when preparing for surgery without any medication, and this is called hypno-anesthesia, and yes, they work amazingly well! Watch this video of one of our Hypnobabies moms who learned, practiced and used her Hypnobabies techniques well, having a birthing wave (contraction) at 7 cm, completely comfortable.

Hypnobabies hypnobirthing online self-study is also a thorough and complete preparation for childbirth education course, with a Nutritional Program, Pre-natal Exercises, Birth Plan, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Avoiding Back Labor, Anatomy and Physiology, Birthing Choices, Comfort and Safety in Pregnancy, Consumer Issues, Staying Healthy and Low Risk, Unexpected Situations, Productive Birthing Positions/Physical Comfort Measures, and much more. Very Comprehensive!

VERY IMPORTANT – Your online Hypnobabies Hypnobirthing Self-Study Course can only be accessed with two (2) IP addresses (2 of your own devices only – no sharing with anyone else).  If you’d like to see an example of how our Hypnobabies Home Study Online Course works, please click here for our DEMO.