Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth of Calvin Hobbes

Thank you to Laura Lulic-Timpane Hanstad for sharing her beautiful birth video with us  https://www.facebook.com/AllThingsBirthMN/

Things you might notice:
Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks playing in the background
Involuntary pushing
Laura chanting Peace – the hypnosis cue to release hypno-anesthesia into her body
Two midwives and two doulas plus Laura’s mom and husband
Doula doing Relax cue on Laura’s shoulder to help deepen hypnosis and relaxation
Deep abdominal breathing and working to slow breath to get more oxygen to baby
Baby’s head emerges in one wave (contraction)
Baby’s body born in one wave
Laura laughing and smiling
Hypnobabies does not equal a silent birth
Staying hydrated, using cold washclothes
Laura communicates with midwife on how much of baby’s head it out
Forward-leaning position or squatting/kneeling
Delayed cord clamping
Midwives very hands-off
Laura catches baby, unloops the cord from around his shoulder and brings him up skin to skin