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WELCOME! Our Hypnobabies website is dedicated to those seeking answers for empowered, easier and much more comfortable as well as safe childbirth options. Natural childbirth, normal pregnancy and birthing, important choices, caregiver suggestions and birth empowerment are all explored here. Our desire is that all Moms, Birth Partners and their precious Babies will benefit from the heartfelt messages we provide!

At Hypnobabies, we offer so much more than childbirth preparation, we also have excellent Fertility Enhancement,  Hypno-Doula Training,  Individual MP3s for a Better Life (smoking cessation, weight release, self-confidence, stress/anxiety, focus & concentration, study habits, etc.) Gift Certificates and Hypnobabies Instructor Training.

Of course we also have our wonderful in-person Hypnobabies Childbirth Classes and our famous Self-Study Course for Expectant Mothers (new online version!) along with MP3s for expectant moms and new moms/families! (You can receive 15% off all products (excluding gift certificates) right now by using code hypno1528 at checkout!)

Classes: Are you thinking about attending a live Hypnobabies class to take advantage of the hypnosis demonstrations, instant Q & A, birth videos and live Birthing Rehearsal? Find more information on Hypnobabies Childbirth classes here and you can find a certified Hypnobabies Instructor near you here.

Instructor Training: Birth professionals and Hypno-moms – bring Hypnobabies Classes to the families in your community by attending our May 2018 Hypnobabies Instructor Training! ***Now is the time to apply – Save $200 when you register by December 31, 2017!***

Fertility Enhancement: Need help to become pregnant? Say YES to help from hypnosis with Joyful, Peaceful, Hypnobabies Hypno-Fertility and you can enjoy your baby-conception so much more!

Hypno-Doula Training: Doulas and midwives – You can learn in detail how to birth-assist your hypno-clients with our in-depth Hypno-Doula Training Course!

More information for pregnant moms: Join our Facebook Hypnobabies Moms Support Group for information, support, encouragement and connecting with other Hypno-moms!

More information for birth professionals: Join our Facebook Hypnobabies Info for Birth Professionals Group!

Love reading birth stories? We have thousands of wonderful Hypnobabies Birth Stories below, in categories, so enjoy! You can also watch amazing, excellent Hypnobabies videos .

Need to contact Hypnobabies? Call us at 714-894-BABY (2229) or e-mail us at Info@Hypnobabies.com.

ONLINE Home Study Course
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Learn childbirth hypnosis from home!
Want to see a demo of our new ONLINE Hypnobabies Course?

Click here and learn how YOU can teach families in your community how to have a much easier and more joyful birth!

Our 2018 public Hypnobabies Instructor Training is May 4-7 in Albuquerque, NM – Join us and change childbirth!

Hypnobabies Online Community

Join our Hypnobabies Facebook Moms Support Group: support and encouragement for our moms who are studying Hypnobabies, and information for those who are interested in learning more about it! This is a private group, so just request to join and one of our admins will get you right on. Our Hypnobabies Support group is dedicated to answering your Home Study Course questions as well as providing daily “Hypno-reminders”, support and encouragement. We hope that you will jump in and provide camaraderie and community for moms who are choosing Hypnobabies, like you are!



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