Hypnobabies B.R.A.N.D. Acronym (Tool for Making Informed Decisions) Works for New Parents Too!

I have used my “peace” cue for many things, IUD placement, tattoo, hot wax on feet with pedicure etc. But this week I had another reason to be grateful for my training. 🙂
My poor little 21 month old Reilly was admitted to Children’s Hospital with Mastoiditis. An ear infection that had gone into his bone. He had surgery and other treatments. He is healing well and we are home now. My Hypnobabies training was a lifesaver.

When they would come in and ask us about a procedure that BRAND acronym was so drilled into my head that even in my concern and worried mindset I asked all the right questions and made sure I fully understood everything before asking them to leave so my husband and I could decide.

    • B – Benefits
    • R – Risks
    • A – Alternative
    • N- Nothing
    • D – Discuss and Decide

I seriously think Hypnobabies is the best thing I have done!

Usha Tunnell, Hypnobabies instructor in San Diego, CA

  • Just a sidenote: Hypnobabies didn’t invent BRAND. That being said, it’s wonderful that Hypnobabies instructors teach this acronym.

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