Francesca’s Calm, Comfortable Hypnobabies Induction

Hypnobabies student holding and drying off newborn baby

Francesca’s Calm, Comfortable Hypnobabies Induction

“She came out in one big push and landed on the bed because no one was ready to catch her, and I had decided to push without a wave. It was amazing!”

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Hypnobabies Student and birth partnerI wanted to share my birth story because I felt it was really amazing and had such a great support team! Our baby, Rosemary was diagnosed with IUGR back in February and we were advised to induce birth by 38 weeks for her safety and ensure that my placenta would hold out. I was extremely nervous as my other births were all natural, no intervention, birth center births. I continued to practice my Hypnobabies tracks daily but was having quite a few doubts about being able to maintain hypnosis with all the distractions of induction and a hospital environment.Hypnobabies couple walking halls of hospital with iv pole

We were able to request a midwife for the birth and we asked for the same midwife that assisted our other two births. That brought a lot of peace, and she was amazing at communicating with me and giving me all the information so we could make fully informed decisions about our birth. She also respected our plan for Hypnobabies and used the cues throughout our time working with her. We also hired a doula to help assist with hypnosis and help my husband, Reuben as we knew this could be a lengthy birth.Hypnobabies couple doing Relax cue while partner reads birth prompts

The morning of the induction, Reuben and I did our “Change of Plans” hypnosis script (special Hypnobabies script for any birthing plan changes) and during the script it dawned on me that Rosemary is a gentle spirit who would need a gentle birth into this world. She needed time to transition. I was able to keep that visual throughout the whole birth which did help with the whole process. We went in on Friday morning and decided the best way to start the induction would be to start Pitocin. We had to be very cautious with the induction so we wouldn’t put too much strain on the placenta or baby.Hypnobabies couple during induction with partner reading birth prompts

We started low and slow and the waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) were not uncomfortable at all with the hypnosis. Reuben was a champ! He was there with all the essential oils, hypnosis cues, pillows, and unending support a woman could ask for. I’m seriously still in complete awe of all he did during the birth. Our doula helped do all the things Reuben couldn’t! It was just great. It took most of the day to get to 5 centimeters and we decided to break my water to help things progress faster. At this point I got very nervous as I knew things would intensify.

Hypnobabies birthing couple in hospital with midwife and partner doing the Relax cueThey broke my water, and I had a moment of panic set in, but I remembered an article from Hypnobabies about choosing your hypnosis during birth. That popped in my mind, and I rolled on my side, turned my switch off, and chose deep hypnosis in that moment. From my perspective, things were very intense but comfortable and I thought I had been there for an hour or so, but Reuben told me later it was more like three. My midwife even came to ask me if I was even having waves. No one could tell I was having waves at all. They thought I was asleep.Hypnobabies student in birthing time deeply in hypnosis

At some point I started having waves in my back and knew I needed to change position. We tried various positions and I was able to remain calm and comfortable through this whole process. Baby was not in a great position and as I would start to feel pushy, her head would disengage, and it felt like I was starting all over again. This happened a few times and I did start to feel frustrated. At some point the midwife checked and told me I was only 7 centimeters. This was when I struggled to stay in deep, comfortable hypnosis as I really was ready to be done. I pulled off my gown and told everybody to not touch me (except for Reuben) I tried multiple positions and started having some powerful pushing waves.Hypnobabies student just after birth pulling baby up to chest still attached to cord

After just a couple of those, I could feel baby’s head move down. I said I wanted to feel her head and I reached down and decided to just push her out. Apparently, no one else realized I was close to having her because everyone kind of missed the moment she popped out! Haha I was the only one who knew she was coming right then. She came out in one big push and landed on the bed because no one was ready to catch her, and I had decided to push without a wave. It was amazing! The midwife had turned to switch out washcloths and turned back to see a baby laying there. Haha!Hypnobabies student holding and drying off newborn baby

Hypnobabies couple greeting newborn babyI felt so proud of myself for maintaining the hypnosis as well as I did and even at the end when I sounded/felt a little crazy, I was completely aware what was going on in my body and with the baby through all of it even if I didn’t communicate it well with others. These pictures really do say it all. Reuben there throughout, me calm and comfortable, our midwife and doula watching over everything and staying so supportive the whole time. This was my longest birth at 14 hours, but I couldn’t have asked for a more empowering and beautiful birth for our sweet Rosemary. She really did just need her time to be ready to come be with our family. I will always cherish this experience. Birth can be calm, comfortable, and even enjoyable if you prepare mentally and emotionally beforehand! Hypnobabies and a great support team made this all possible!Hypno-baby swaddled in a flowered blanket with a sign saying Rosemary JuneHypnobabies Dad kissing newborn baby on top of head

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