Why We Chose Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

Crystal DiDomizio

We love to hear from our Hypno-Moms about why they chose Hypnobabies and this post comes from Crystal Di Dimizio in Vancouver, BC Canada. She relates what she and her husband learned in Hypnobabies class that was invaluable during her pregnancy and her baby’s birth. Crystal has also become certified to teach Hypnobabies classes!

10 Reasons We Chose Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

Crystal DiDomizio
• Listening to daily pregnancy affirmations increased my confidence and trust in my body’s ability to grow and birth a healthy baby.

• Daily hypnosis sessions enabled me to connect and bond with our baby in utero and experience deep states of relaxation on a regular basis. This has numerous long-term health benefits for both mom and baby.

• We learned how to stay healthy and low risk through prenatal nutrition and exercises, which increases the choices you have available to you and decreases your chances of needing medical interventions.

• Making informed decisions came easily and naturally to us because Hypnobabies has such a comprehensive childbirth education component. We learned about all of the choices available to us during pregnancy and birth as well as what the advantages, disadvantages and natural alternatives are so we could make educated decisions about our care.

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