Twelve Signs You Can Trust Your Prenatal Care
By Cristen Pascucci

How do you know you’re getting good care? In the U.S., there is a vast range of maternity care practices.

Improving Birth is talking about what good care looks and they have put together a list of some signs you can trust the care you are getting.

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You are treated like an individual

Every woman, baby, and birth is different. You may go into labor at 38 weeks or 42 weeks, and it might last four hours or forty. This is all normal. As the baby is coming, you may want total silence in a bathtub or you may need tons of support while you walk laps around the room. No one can predict these things. Birth is about what each pair of mothers and babies needs to be most safe and supported.

Your provider uses language like, “We encourage you to…” and “We support you in…” —not “You’re not allowed” or “We will let you.”

Language is important. It is an indication of how you will be treated in labor: as a respected adult or as a wayward child. It is a truly scary thing to hear in the delivery room, “That’s not how I do it,” when you’re saying you need more time or that you don’t want to be cut.

You can find Improving Birth’s entire list HERE.