Summer’s Hypnobabies VBAC

Summer’s Hypnobabies VBAC

I finally got around to writing my birth story along with my amazing photos by Harmony Photography!

“Darnell knew exactly what to do, and put on my Pushing Baby Out Hypnobabies track and he put the ear bud in my ear. 
I only had to push 3 times before our little GIRL made her way earth side into daddy’s hands.”

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Early morning hours of the 15th I woke up with noticeably tighter practice waves than I had been having the two days prior. Darnell and I noticed they were still about 15-20 mins apart so we went back to sleep. We woke up as normal a few hours later and my mom got Camrynn to school and made Darnell and I breakfast (bless her heart). By now waves were 10 minutes apart but still felt good to walk through.

Darnell and I packed our bags and headed to Waikiki to one of our favorite beaches to swim/float through waves to be closer to the hospital when it was time to go. I was a little more sure of my birthing time being here so I put on my Hypnobabies Easy First Stage track to listen to on the way. Walking through the sand helped pick up intensity as they got closer together. Soon enough we headed back to the car and I finished my breakfast sandwich while I bounced on my yoga ball behind the tailgate of the Jeep and Darnell dried off and got dressed.

We got triaged but had to wait for a room, so I put Hypnobabies tracks on repeat and walked until it began to be more intense that I could no longer walk, but only sway through waves. After walking the halls for 3 hours, we finally got settled in right as my midwife Kathy, my mom and Camrynn got to the hospital. I had progressed a few centimeters since arriving at the hospital to 6 cm which was a little relieving to hear since pressure was picking up.

I was so tired from swimming and walking literally all day, I wanted to try and rest since I was in my own room now. I tried to lay on my side while they listened to baby’s heartbeat for a bit to regain some energy but the pressure felt much more intense when I was sitting still. This pulled me out of my hypnosis and started to distract me because it was a little harder to release the tension I was building up. I was caught off guard by how much harder it was to breathe with pressure starting to go further up my stomach with each passing wave. 
I had remembered to try each position change for 3 waves, so I attempted several changes.

I made my way to the shower as things got more intense. The warm water running down my neck and back felt great, squatting and swaying side to side quickly became the most comfortable position to be in. I wanted to relax on my knees so I went back and forth from squatting in the bed where I could get some counter pressure from Darnell to the shower where I could re-center and refocus. He reminded me each wave as I bellowed a deep ‘ahh’ to breathe properly and not hold my breath in the middle of my exhale.

The last time I made my way to the shower I was sure I couldn’t go any longer, I felt such intense pressure and it hurt to even stand. I laid on the shower floor and just cried to Darnell I couldn’t do it anymore, I was done. He sat on the floor with the shower door wide open as he gets soaked and just told me how proud he was of me. We were so close to meeting our baby, I could do it! This gave me the extra push to believe in myself that I needed and gave me the burst I needed right in time for baby to move down into position. This was the last move to the bed I would have to make. As soon as I got to the bed with the squatting bar set up, I told them the baby was coming, I knew I had gone through transformation, she was moving down.

Having the bar to lean on through waves was such a relief, being in a fully supported squat was exactly what I needed to gain some energy for pushing. I was just so exhausted and the waves were so powerful I could do nothing but roar through them. It felt so great to be supported by the bed, feel the warm touch of Darnell and to be able to move the energy from the pressure waves out through my chest and bear down just a little to help baby move down just the little bit so I could begin pushing. Darnell knew exactly what to do, and put on my Pushing Baby Out Hypnobabies track and he put the ear bud in my ear. 
I only had to push 3 times before our little GIRL made her way earth side into daddy’s hands. 

I remember breathing out a huge sigh and just thinking “I did it! We’re done, I did it!” Kathy asked me “what is it, Summer? What did you have?! Look!” And I still had my eyes closed and was just hugging baby and said “a baby! I had a baby!” Right as I hear Darnell sniffling saying “it’s a girl, baby, we had a girl!”

My hypno-baby girl, Cora Leona was born August 15 at 11:09 via my first unmedicated VBAC, ALL thanks to Hypnobabies and my amazing birth support.

I was a little sad to put my Hypnobabies book away after coming home from the hospital but will still use my tracks for sleeping or relaxing if needed. Forever grateful for Kerry and all the support in this group 🙂

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.