Quick Hypnobabies Positive Hospital Birth

 Quick Hypnobabies Positive Hospital Birth

My Positive Hospital Birth

“It got to the point I HAD to push, and the 1st intense push burst my water and the 2nd push pushed him all the way down and out. 2 pushes All in 43 seconds. it was one extended push as his head and body were born with one push almost all at once.”

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On Tuesday I was at work all day and looking back was definitely having slight back discomfort and was in early 1st stage for sure. I was very tired when I got come from work but ate dinner and took a bath. I noticed I was still having some pressure waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) and was in denial this was it as I was only 38W6D. My earliest baby was 39W3D and my following 2 babies were 40W3D and 40W4D.

After my bath I was really tracking to see, and the pressure waves came 5min or more apart, so I was starting to think maybe it was coming time soon. So, I informed Jason- husband, he should at least finish packing the bag. I was not wanting to go birth a baby after such a long day so I laid down and decided I would get some sleep. I turned on the Birthing Day Affirmations and my other birthing day tracks in que to play as I slept. We ended up sleeping while a few intense waves woke me up. Those waves confirmed we would probably be having our baby when I woke up and this was not just pre-waves.

We got up around 5 am and I told Jason these seem to be more intense waves than I remember for so early along so maybe I’m further along than I’m thinking. I went ahead and called my doula and my doctor office. They said to go ahead and head to the hospital. I had my husband check me just to see and while he is inexperienced, he was guessing I was 4cm. (FYI doctors don’t recommended you do this. We got a little talking to by one of the nurses I just told her to worry about the what if’s and we will take care of this over here). This confirmed to me we were good to head out as previous births once I start dilation it progresses at a decent speed. I felt a little nauseous and was ready to get into a comfortable relaxed position. We left about 6 am from our house. My mom was here to stay with my other boys, and no one was awake yet. The house was so peaceful and dark as we left. The car ride was a little bumpy. I was on my knees facing to the seat during the ride. I still felt slightly nauseous which was weird as nausea usually comes during transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition) for me and it was too early for that and the waves weren’t intense enough in my mind to be this far along.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am and it was empty other than a few people coming in for Covid vaccines. I walked in while Jason parked. I waited in the lobby for Jason and then walked myself up to the 4th floor while pushing a wheelchair and leaning over it stopping during each intense wave. The unit was pretty empty there as well. I was very worried about how busy the birth depart was going to be as everyone I know is having a baby around now. This gave me a lot of peace. At this time the waves still weren’t any closer than 5 mins it seemed to me. (Later my doula, Alexia, said I had a few about 3 mins apart while at the desk)

We were in triage about 6:40, and they checked me and said I was 9cm. I was indeed in transformation and did not even recognize it. We got to a room very quick and were in there around 7:00. I had pushing urges pretty quickly.

Our initial nurse was a little pushy trying to get all the set up and questions complete for the birth but surprisingly this didn’t bother me, and I had a lot of peace while allowing her to put in an IV and do antibiotics for strep b. This usually causes anxiety getting antibiotics, but I was at peace with the decision. Our next nurse at shift change, Madison, was amazing and so friendly and helpful. I was so happy to have this change for the actual birth of our baby and initial postpartum recovery time.

I decided to resist all urges to push and instead breathe my baby down. I wanted to go to the bathroom and tried to walk there but then decided it’s just the baby urges, and I went back to the bed positioned on my knees leaning against and over the back of the bed.

The doctor at that time was not a very positive provider especially for a natural birth. He mentioned his shift ended at 8:00 as he kept coming and going from the room.

As I resisted all urges to push and breath the baby down as long as I could I felt a lot of peace. I breathed him down for around an hour just riding the waves of amazing intensity and listening to Pushing Baby Out  (Hypnobabies track just for pushing) sound track on my headphones which I preferred. I counted through the waves and relaxed my body as much as I could and visualized the huge waves of the ocean as they go UP and UP and UP and back down, down, down following and visualizing these in my mind. I could see the orange natural hypno-anesthesia flowing down and all around my baby. Jason helped support me and apply pressure and some massage on my hips as well. This birth I did not have any back and hip pressure like last time. Baby was in the perfect position.

By 8:15 the new doctor came in. The new doctor who I had never heard of or met was well taken and had an amazing demeanor! I was excited to have her in the experience with me immediately and help me with my goal of a positive hospital birth. While I still had one headphone in, I also listened to the talk in the room and it soothed me as well. My husband explained about Hypnobabies to the doctor and staff and what I was doing. They were very intrigued as they haven’t ever heard or experienced a Hypnobabies birth before.

The new doctor tried to check me, but my position threw her off and she was not checking the right spot and I laughed and had to tell her… I knew I didn’t need to be checked anyway. The baby was almost here.

The staff was somewhat confused as to me being compete (10cm) and yet not pushing. They thought nothing was happening. My doula new though. She knew what I was experiencing and send a lot of encouraging words to my open ear. Between the surges of pressure my body was able to relax and I felt no fear (which is different from my last birth).

While knowing how intense the pushing was the previous 2 births, I was somewhat avoiding doing it. I repeated words of encouragement knowing my body is made to give birth and telling myself there really is no other options other than to push him out…eventually…

It got to the point I HAD to push, and the 1st intense push burst my water and the 2nd push pushed him all the way down and out. 2 pushes All in 43 seconds. it was one extended push as his head and body were born with one push almost all at once. Even with the concern from the staff of all the force… hearing the doctor and Jason saying hold up… while I might have had a 2 second pause my body was not about to stop in the middle of this. Even with such a quick exit, I had not one tear at all. I opened and stretched perfectly. Recovery has been phenomenal as I had only slight heat/hot feeling the 24 hours after and zero discomfort.

About 8:45 I birthed the placenta. This is definitely my favorite part. Actually, very soothing and warm.

Jason had discussed with the doctor about delayed cord cutting and even waiting until we birthed the placenta to cut the cord and that’s exactly what we did. I’ve been wanting to do this and finally got to

The doctor noted it was a small placenta and I agreed compared to my others… but it perfectly supported our baby and his growth. His APGAR was 9. He cried immediately and was very good color. He is also my first baby to have a low 24-hour bilirubin and great pees and no issues pooping … at least this far. It’s miraculous how babies are born on their Birthday and at the most perfect time.

Overall, It was a phenomenal and positive hospital birth experience. This was the 2nd time I’ve ended up with a doctor present who has never assisted a hands and knees birth! She was so amazing though and very flexible! While I was sad my midwife was not present, the doctor on call for the time baby was to be born, Dr Jain, completely let me do my thing and was in awe of the process! Afterward she let us know how excited she was to have been a part of this experience with us. I am so thankful to my husband, his amazing support, and my doula Alexia and her encouragement and peaceful presence for assisting this birth.

As a side note, birthing at the hospital even during this COVID-19 situation was a wonderful, positive hospital birth experience all the same. Everyone was terrific and we had a beautiful birth with supportive staff.

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