Original SIDS Researcher Says Baby Bed-sharing is Not Dangerous
By Moorea Malatt of Savvy Parenting Support

The same doctor who made SIDS known to the American public believes that bedsharing with your baby is not dangerous. Bergman has worked with families for over 50 years in Seattle as a pediatrician at the University of Washington Medical Center, and Harborview Medical Center. He has worked with families for over 50 years in Seattle as a pediatrician at the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Harborview Medical Center. My favorite thing about Bergman? He spearheaded a national movement to support families who had lost a child to SIDS- rather than sending them to jail.

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Dr. Abraham B. Bergman was the first president of the National SIDS Foundation. He got SIDS research into federal programs in the 70’s.

According to Bergman,”The American Academy of Pediatrics has a policy against bedsharing but researchers, medical professionals, and worldwide organizations question the AAP’s position. The truth remains that there are no studies that show bed-sharing as a risk factor with a control for major concurrent risk factors like formula feeding, excessive bedding, and nicotine use in the home.”

People are co-sleeping anyway. Let’s figure out how to get info about safe co-sleeping out to parents. *Note that though we don’t yet know the exact risk factors for infant sleep death, what knowledge we do have suggests it is a good practice to not co-sleep if your child is exclusively formula fed, if you have a sleep disorder, if you are morbidly obese or use nicotine or if there is any alcohol abuse in the home- in those cases, baby should sleep solo on their back on a firm mattress in clothing and without pillows or blankets.

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