Organizing Hypnobabies Tracks on MP3

From one of our wonderful Hypnobabies Instructors, who is also a Hypno-Doula:

Since our moms ask for this information all the time in classes, I am sharing how I organized and loaded the Hypnobabies audio tracks onto my iPOD and my phone as a backup for my hypno-doula clients:

I loaded most of the titles as a separate playlist or album, so that they didn’t automatically play the next title when one ended, and I labeled each track with the same ‘artist’/Hypnobabies LLC, and the same ‘genre’/Hypnobabies so that they would sort into a Hypnobabies only album/playlist.

This list is in the order that our Hypno-moms typically listen to their Hypnobabies tracks during their Birthing Times:

Early Birthing Time … or for practice, if mom’s not even sure ‘this is it’ yet:
“Your Birthing Time Begins” … to remind you of all of your Hypnobabies tools, tracks and comfort ideas
“Hypnobabies Relaxation Music” (Edition 7- “Enlightenment”) … while using the finger-drop
“Birthing Day Affirmations” … to help keep your inner and outer minds primed with positive birthing messages
“Your Special Place”… to reinforce this in your mind early in your Birthing Time
“Easy, Comfortable Childbirth”… for the same reason
If you’d like, you could also load your “Visualize/Create Your Hypnobabies Birth” … some moms like to listen to this one during their early Birthing Time).

Active First Stage … when moms KNOW they’re having their baby TODAY …
“Fear Release/Fear Clearing”… to eliminate any ‘what ifs’ about this baby’s birthing, and to reinforce your Bubble of Peace
“Deepening Your Hypnosis”… to deepen your ability to enter hypnosis using your finger-drop and ‘Release’ cue, and to reinforce your ‘Peace’ cue for instant physical comfort.

When moms begin to know that they need a little something different or more to listen to (to deepen their hypnosis, their relaxation and to create more powerful Hypno-anesthesia as a result, and for the car ride … “Easy First Stage” and “Deepening Your Hypnosis”.

As soon as moms begin to feel any pushy pressure/second stage … this track plays out loud in the room…
“Pushing Baby Out”