Nicole’s Joyful, Peaceful, Hypnobabies C-Section

Hypno-mom Nicole in a hospital bed holding her newborn and smiling.

Nicole’s Joyful, Peaceful, Hypnobabies C-Section

“Thanks to Hypnobabies, I was able to make informed choices and be so joyful and peaceful during my birthing time.”

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My birthing story begins with the fact that my daughter was frank breech the entire pregnancy. I knew I could birth her at home in that position, but I chose not to. For my own reasons, I chose a hospital birth, even though I had plenty of time to switch, even knowing that it would mean a c-section if she didn’t turn.

We tried different positions the last few weeks & the pool, etc. etc. to dislodge her bottom from being engaged, but she never budged.

At my 38+4 appointment, I was going to ask about an ECV.

But lo and behold, with no prior practice waves or indicators at all, my water broke at 4 am May 26th, 2019 when I was 38+2 before I ever got a chance to ask my doctor. Thankfully, I had been prepared, both emotionally and around the home, since 37 weeks.

I immediately turned on the Turn Your Breech Baby track (Hypnobabies track to encourage a breech baby to turn) as a last-ditch effort, but as more and more water came, I knew she wouldn’t be able to turn on her own anyway. I started getting ready but knew I had time, I just felt pressure every 10 minutes or so it seemed like. Come to find out, these were full pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions), but it just felt like pressure.

About an hour later, my mucus plug came out, followed by meconium (which I knew in my heart was because her bottom was sitting on my cervix, not for any reason more serious) so at that point I woke my husband and let him know we should head to the hospital to be safe and since I knew I’d be having a c-section anyway.

We arrived around 7 am if I remember correctly. My doula arrived shortly after. I listened to Your Birthing Time Begins and then Easy Comfortable Childbirth on the way. I was having what I didn’t realize fully at the time we’re full-on pressure waves closer together now.

Through all of these waves, for me what worked best was to use my finger drop technique (Hypnobabies technique to enter hypnosis) or my Release cue (Hypnobabies cue to instantly enter hypnosis) and imagine my hypno-anesthesia as an orange inner tube around my lower back/bottom & pelvic area. I was excited to see how they felt and get a chance to experience this time in my birthing. I was amazed at how mild everything was to me, but it was because of the hypnosis!! So cool!!!

Between me, my husband, and/or my doula, we did a good job communicating to each person that needed to know or was currently speaking to me that I needed a moment right then when a wave came before I would be responding.

Each option I had or was given regarding the surgery and my baby following the surgery, I chose to allow the hospital to default to their norm as I knew that this was the best option for me to ensure I enjoyed my birthing experience rather than trying to control it since I was no longer doing a natural vaginal birth and having a surgery instead. I know myself, and my temptation is to try to control and worry over my plan, and at this point, I needed to throw that out the window in order to be fully present and happy as my daughter was being born.

I waited until noon for the c-section (because I had eaten after my water broke) and was fine with that because it gave me a chance to practice my Hypnobabies through this. I was 5 cm dilated at the final check before prepping me for the surgery. I’d like to think that by the time they did the surgery, I was 6 cm, since my waves were increasing in intensity and timing as we headed into the OR, but who knows.

I was on my own in there, so made sure to communicate with everyone I could about my hypnosis techniques in case I go silent or don’t respond. The nurse anesthetist doing the spinal even let one of the doctors know for me while I was calm and quiet during a wave, which was encouraging and thoughtful.

He said most of his patients flail or move or panic before during and after the spinal but that he was impressed with how calm I was as I used my finger drop and other cues through it. I switched to eyes open during it actually because he needed to communicate with me on the positioning etc.

Through the surgery, I was joyful and at peace with my decision. I was all smiles the whole time. Even chatting and laughing with the doctors and nurses.

Once my husband came in, he and I were talking briefly about what I experienced before he came in, and then all of a sudden we heard a cry and it didn’t even hit us that it was our daughter at first! We actually kept talking and then we were like wait!!!! That’s her!!

Once that happened, they turned on a tv monitor above me where I could watch her while everything happened following. I thought that was a pretty special feature and helped me stay calm until I held her rather than feeling frantic to see her.

The best moment was when her cheek nestled into my cheek, I’ll never forget the feeling of her skin on my skin that first time!!

Jane Amelia was born 6 lbs 15 oz, 18.75 inches at 12:19 pm (about 7 hours after my waters broke) and there was no reason that she didn’t turn except that her butt was pretty wedged down in there.

My doctor has already told me that she will not allow me to default to another C-section next time, that we are doing a VBAC (which I obviously would be choosing next time regardless, but I was grateful to hear she is in agreement too! Even the hospital here encourages them!)

So that’s my story! I hope it can encourage and empower other hypno-moms who may be in a similar situation.