Mikayla’s Perfect Empowering Hypnobabies Waterbirth

New family in bed with newborn after perfect empowering birth

Mikayla’s Perfect Empowering Hypnobabies Waterbirth

“I couldn’t imagine having a more perfect and empowering birth. It was everything I dreamed it could be and I’m so grateful.”

At about 3:30 am on Sep. 10th I woke up to use the restroom and lost my mucous plug. I was not experiencing any pressure waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) or anything out if the ordinary and went back to bed knowing that can happen days, even weeks, before my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor). I went back to bed and had what seemed to be a normal day.

Hypnobabies Student Kneeling on bed with support during perfect empowering birthThroughout the day I was talking with my husband saying she felt more active today, having the same sensations as when she stretched out her arms and legs in my belly. After mentioning this several times, in the afternoon he felt my belly and told me he thought they could be waves. I completely denied this could be possible, feeling totally normal and comfortable.

8:30 pm as we were relaxing at home on the couch that night, I felt that sensation again. My husband had his hand on my belly and we both felt a “pop”. I immediately stood up to walk toward the bathroom, and realized my water had broken. We contacted the midwife on call at the birthing center and my doula. They guided us to monitor my temperature every hour, but more importantly to have a nice meal and try and get some sleep. I was still extremely comfortable, noticing now that these “stretching” sensations were waves, about 10 minutes apart, but I was feeling good and looking forward to a good night of rest. We notified my birth team and told them we would update them if things changed.Hypnobabies student in tub with support team

I layed down and listened to my Birthing Time Begins (a Hypnobabies review of techniques) and Easier First Stage tracks (Hypnobabies main birthing time track), and then fell asleep to my Birthing Time Affirmations track. I was able to rest for a couple hours before waking with some GI upset. I was still feeling comfortable, however, my GI symptoms made it difficult to accurately time my pressure waves, we believe they were 6-8 minutes apart. My birth team helped with cues and comfort measures, still feeling the waves in my lower abdomen and having a mix of GI symptoms and pressure waves. I spent much of my time in and out of the bathroom, often comfortable in a squatting position.

12 am I felt like I would be more comfortable in the tub. The water and warmth helped me relax even more, my pressure waves were still about 5-6 minutes apart. After exiting the tub, I began to feel my waves more distinctly in my low back. I moved to different positions, using my birthing ball leaning against the bed and on my hands and knees using my light switch technique (Hypnobabies cue for deepening hypnosis, breathing, and moving through pressure waves).

Hypnobabies Student in birth tub with partner giving support during perfect empowering birth3:00 am I told my husband I felt like it was time for my doula to come. I got back in the tub feeling like it was the most comfortable place with my waves becoming more prominent in my low back.

5:30 am my doula suggested some peanut ball positioning to help progress things, my waves were about 3 minutes apart. My birth team used my “peace” and “relax” cues (Hypnobabies terms to help deepen and direct hypnosis) as well as counterpressure techniques on my low back as the waves began to feel more intense.

7:00 am my doula suggested it was time to head to the birthing center. It was about a ~50 minute drive. I did have some anxiety about the drive and finding comfortable positions with very prominent pressure waves in my back. My husband and birth team continued the counterpressure and “peace” cues as I went through transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition) on the car ride.Hypnobabies Student pushing in tub with birth team

8:30 am I arrived at the birth center. They offered to check me, and I was 9.5cm with waves every minute or so. I was having some mild sensations to push, but elected to do more side lying positioning with the peanut ball. I continued utilizing my light switch technique and focusing on the “peace” cues as the pressure waves were the most intense in the car and during this time.

New parent in birth tub holding newborn9:00 am I began feeling a strong sensation to push. I requested to get in the birthing tub, and transitioned to my hands and knees. I remember almost a mental switch happening, and everything around me becoming more clear and comfortable. I asked them to put on a Spotify Playlist I had with fun music. I was singing to my favorite songs between waves and pushing. I remember saying that “the pushing is the easy part, I wish all of it was like this!” I felt like my body was in total control and knew what to do. I don’t remember having discomfort while pushing, just listening to my body’s cues. I used abdominal breathing, and low tones while pushing. I was smiling and happy between waves knowing I was about to meet my daughter.New family in bed with newborn

9:22 am Sept. 11th, 2022 my gorgeous Seraphina Kosette was born into my husband’s arms at 7lb 13oz and 21 inches long. This just happened to be her guess date (Hypnobabies term for due date).
I couldn’t imagine having a more perfect and empowering birth. It was everything I dreamed it could be and I’m so grateful.