Kristen’s Hypnobabies Hospital VBAC

Kristen’s Hypnobabies Hospital VBAC

“I arrived to triage 7cm (my goal!!) and was quickly admitted. My nurse was incredible and immediately felt where baby was and placed me side laying on a peanut ball. After 30 min we turned and within 10 minutes I was very very unable to control the pushing waves and desire, so we checked me, and I was complete!”

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With a pregnancy of exercise, Webster, spinning babies, PT and PFPT and Hypnobabies for prep we did it!!!

41 weeks on the dot she picked her birthday to match mine I guess (6/9 so she is 12/9). Ironically, her big sister is like daddy (9/1 and 8/1). I was starting to have a lot of doubts and fears creep in with my goal of a VBAC with a bicornate uterus and primary C-section when I started going over my guess date (Hypnobabies term for due date) so I’m SO THANKFUL I ordered “Come Out Baby” (Hypnobabies track to encourage baby to be born) and the VBAC Success set (Hypnobabies set of tracks for VBAC) late Monday night. I listened to “Come Out Baby” and woke up with it playing the Visualize Your VBAC that evening.

Tuesday, I took my daughter to preschool and tried to keep busy while cleaning the house, rechecking my hospital bag, going for a small walk, read some of my book before my husband picked up our daughter

I decided to do a Miles circuit then lay down while listening to “Come Out Baby” again while I was more alert”. Has some fairly intense cramping so it felt nice to lay with a heating pad and focus on that track. I felt so lose and limp and much more positive after it. Then getting up my daughter wanted to walk to the park which is a 2-mile walk. So out the door for a very slow walk we go, my husband was even cracking jokes he never has seen me walk so slow (we are triathletes and overall super super busy speed walking type people) so that made me laugh.

Walking increased what I thought with practice birthing waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions), especially coming back until I noticed they are a rhythm to them. We sat outside as a family after the walk and I intermittently rocked and swayed on the porch. Decided to time the waves as they had been consistent for over an hour, I thought so I timed them and then were consistently 2-3 min for 40-60 seconds. I texted my best friend who is also a midwife if she thought it was my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor) or more practice. She said it could be either so to rest, eat and relax the best I could.

I continued on with my night, my husband made dinner, we picked up toys, I snuggled my 3-year-old and after she went to bed, I set up her Elf on the shelf I figured I should put my parents on alert too. I texted my mother who instantly thought she should come get my daughter (it was around 8 and she was already asleep). At this time my waves were regular but not overly intense, I was able to freely walk and talk and be active. I did use a TENS as it felt nice to counteract the back hugs. I declined saying I didn’t know if this was it so to have her phone on.

I went to bed around 930 but realized I wasn’t comfortable laying down, so I continued to watch a show and do some ball bounces like I usually did nightly. Once it was 1030, I realized I should heed my best friends advice of rest in case this was my baby’s chosen birthing time so I laid down again. Instantly I knew I couldn’t tolerate that position and kept wanting to go the bathroom.

By about midnight I knew this was it, woke up husband and told him to call my mother. I had been sitting listening to my Birthing Day Affirmations and I couldn’t control the shaking, so I knew to get into our tub. My husband proceeded to get the things packed and ready to go, make sure my daughter was sent off with my parents and came back to me in the tub. He found me more vocal and using more open throat moaning and encouraged me to get in the car. I was definitely NOT wanting to move but I was feeling more pressure and couldn’t control the shakes, so I felt his gut instinct was right.

I immediately switched to Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies main birthing day track) and I can say that car ride was the most I could ask for. I was VERY nervous for that ride and ultimately, I was able to be in hypnosis, relaxed and comfortable

I arrived to triage 7cm (my goal!!) and was quickly admitted. My nurse was incredible and immediately felt were baby was and placed me side laying on a peanut call. After 30 min we turned and within 10 minutes I was very very unable to control the pushing waves and desire, so we checked me, and I was complete! I cannot thank my husband enough for basically applying counter pressure for hours it was the best help

They went to call back the midwife and notified the NICU NNP because she had noticed there was meconium when my water started to trickle at the end. Tried multiple positions for pushing but had a lot of decels so we ended up on my back with a leg in a side stirrup. Turned out she was ROT with shoulder dystocia. In a super-fast moment, the nurse jumped on the bed and pushed firmly on my abdomen pushing down towards my public bone and she was immediately born into my hands at 4:59 am! Arrived at 130 am!

I am so so so thankful for my hypnosis tracks despite having to play them out loud because in the last week I’ve been using my headphones so often I didn’t charge them! I do wish I had them louder and via headphones but all in all we had a unmedicated VBAC and have our little girl in our arms!

The shocking part! She is 8lbs 6.2oz!!! We did NOT anticipate her being bigger as I’m 5’3, 140lbs prebaby and I had the worst appetite this entire pregnancy and really struggled with eating. She got all she needed