Jillian’s Hypnobabies Waterbirth, Born in one Push!

Had a great birthing time! It was easier and more comfortable than past births!

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She came at 41wks +3 after 6 weeks of prodromal birthing waves. She was 10lbs and was born into water in one pressure wave and one push! I fear cleared about birthing a “big” baby beforehand and found her birth to be the easiest pushing phase of all my babies. 

I was in early birthing time for 27 hours and found it to be comfortable and was able to sleep that night for the most part. I used the Baby Come Out track and the Strengthen My Birthing Time track to help get things to progress.

My water broke after taking a rest, and then we headed to the birthing center. I stayed in center and used the Peace cue with each pressure wave. I found it most helpful to stand up and sway. After transformation everything was very powerful and intense. I had my husband say “Peace” with me and apply counter pressure to my hips. As soon as I felt the urge to push, I got in the birthing tub and she was born with the very next pressure wave!

This birth was a delight and a gift. Hypnobabies was a huge part of that!