Hypnobabies Mom Arrives at the Hospital 10 cm Dilated!

It seems Hypnobabies Twin Cities in Minnesota is going strong! Here is the latest in a long line of their wonderful Hypnobabies birth stories, where our Hypno-Mom arrived at the hospital fully dilated:
“Starting around the week of May 15th, I started noticing some signs that my body was really changing and preparing for birth (pressure, mucus changes, increased Braxton hicks). I guess you could say, however, that Phil and I have been preparing for the last 3 months for the birth through our “Hypnobabies” class. As I’ll explain later, this was likely the reason for the birth experience I had this time. During April and May I was able to really create a calm and content attitude towards pregnancy and was able to really meditate and focus on a positive energy. My previous two birth stories had included more interventions than I had hoped for, so clearing the negative thought process was a must. This was a main reason for my choosing Hypnobabies to prepare for birth. And as a part-time doula, I have seen how beneficial hypnosis can be during childbirth…”

(Editor’s Note: The deep hypnosis skills taught in Hypnobabies are more than just deep relaxation and are the reason our hypno-moms have easier and more comfortable births. Our moms literally produce “hypno-anesthesia” in their body using the power of their minds, which allows them to be so much more comfortable, even with the sometimes intense sensations of birthing.)