Hypnobabies helps mom enjoy pregnancy so much more!

I love stumbling across moms reviews of Hypnobabies on their blogs.  This mom does a nice in depth explanation and shares her experience.

My experience with Hypnobabies has been great.  
During my second pregnancy, before starting the hypnobabies course, I was full of A LOT of anxiety over the upcoming birth.  I was working towards a VBAC and was struggling immensely with the disappointments of last time which lead to many, many fears for this time.  My husband can attest to tons of tears being shed.  I would average a huge emotional break down once a week, crying over all the what-ifs and doubts I had.  (I said, average — there were weeks where it was really, really bad and I would have many more breakdowns that that.)
When I discussed purchasing the course with my husband, he agreed with me that even if the course did nothing but help me feel a bit more confident during my pregnancy it would be worth the price for us.
Pretty quickly after starting the course work, I began making it through longer and longer amounts of time without crying.
I didn’t even realize how effectively the positive statements were taking root in my mind initially.  I just started to feel more calm and confident in general.
In about a month’s time I was making it through entire weeks feeling so good I didn’t even notice I was not crying anymore, because I wasn’t even thinking about my stresses.

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