Hypnobabies birth of Luca Bradley Wolf

Hypnobabies birth of Luca Bradley Wolf

“Fortunately, my Hypnobabies course prepared me for possible unforeseen circumstances, and to always remain calm within our Bubble of Peace, and know that my body will not fail me. All the nurses, doctors, and midwives at Einstein Medical Center were very supportive of my birth plan, and extremely interested in Hypnobabies.”

Thank you to Keli Fortman of In Harmony Birth for sharing her students, Gina and Lance, birth story with us!

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September 15th I woke up just like any other day and took a class at my gym.  After the gym, I headed over to my doula Selma’s house to pick up the Hypnobabies script that I left there.  After that I had an amazing cheese steak and put on my oversized underwear and bandeau bra (My staple pregnancy wardrobe).   I sent my husband out for Gatorade and gummy bears, and laid in bed waiting for him to return with the goodies!  I was having light pre-birth waves all day that were very sporadic, but let me know that my little boy would be making his debut sooner than later.   My husband came back with the treats and started fixing me something for dinner. I went to use the bathroom and realized I was bleeding a lot again, but this time it was intense with a much larger amount.  I called for my husband, and we both knew at this point that this was not a mucus plug. We called the doctor, and were told to immediately come back in.

We checked in at Triage and the midwife on staff performed checks to try and diagnose the bleeding.  This time they agreed it was not a bloody show and informed us that we were going to be admitted.  They said the blood was either coming from the cervix, or the placenta, but they weren’t 100% sure which.  The baby’s heartrate was strong, and all my vitals were solid, so we continued with our birth plan.  It was very early in my birthing time which was not ideal for us, since we wanted to wait a little longer before we went to the hospital.

Fortunately, my Hypnobabies course prepared me for possible unforeseen circumstances, and to always remain calm within our Bubble of Peace, and know that my body will not fail me. All the nurses, doctors, and midwives at Einstein Medical Center were very supportive of my birth plan, and extremely interested in Hypnobabies.  Lance and I were naturally scared, but we were confident and prepared.

At this point, Lance called our Doula Selma.  He quickly explained the situation, and she informed him that she was on her way.  When Selma arrived, she encouraged me to eat something.   Funny as it is, Gummy Bears and Lara Bars were my go to snacks.  I felt like a rebel without a cause because the hospital advised against food.  In fact, every time a nurse would come in, I would hide Gummy Bears under my pillow case.

Once we got settled in, my husband put on the Fear Clearing Track, and I listened to it on my headphones.  We shut the lights off and tried to get some rest.  I credit my ability to relax during that time to the Fear Clearing Track.  Out of all the tracks in Hypnobabies, this was my favorite, most likely because of all the fear associated with my birthing time.  In fact, I told my husband that it got to the point in which I could clearly hear the track without it even being on.  It must have been that my subconscious mind remembered due to all the practice I put in every night.

When we woke up, my pressure waves began to become more intense, but we knew that my birthing wasn’t going to be for some time.  We suggested that Selma go home and get some rest, and told her we would call her when waves increased.  At this point, I started my Birthing Day Affirmation tracks and we both laid down for a little more rest.  It was very difficult for me to sleep.  I attribute that to the uncertainty of where the bleeding was coming from.  As someone who suffers from anxiety in everyday life, I would have normally been very anxious and worried that my pads were being soaked with blood every hour, with an unknown cause.

I can’t say enough how much I credit my Hypnobabies Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations and my Fear Clearing track to get me through this challenging time.  Furthermore, the most incredible surprise was when Keli, my Hypnobabies teacher came to see me in the hospital!! She had absolutely no obligation to do this, but did it from the goodness of her heart, and from a place of passion and love.  Seeing her face was so motivating to me and helped remind me of all that I have worked for to achieve a natural Hypnobabies birth.  I can’t even tell you enough how awesome Keli is.  Not only is she a great person, but she is an absolute expert in the entire Hypnobabies birthing process.

My husband and I rested after she left, but then there came a time where I was unable to lay down, so I had to keep moving.   My nurse suggested that we take a walk, and then possibly a shower.  At that point, we switched to Hypnobabies Relaxation music, out loud in the room.  It was funny when we were walking laps in the hallway, the athlete in me had all the laps timed, and outlined.  I knew the number of laps I wanted to do, and was determined to reach that goal.  The nurses later told me that my husband Lance kept asking, “Are we done yet?”, and I would say, “Just 5 more laps.”  I would stop on each pressure wave and sway my hips while my husband Lance held on to me. The hospital hallways have the perfect railings for swaying through the waves!

When we got back to the room, we decided to take a shower.  This was one of the techniques that we learned in our Hypnobabies class, and from Selma our Doula.  The shower helped me get through the waves and relax my mind and body.  I started to specifically concentrate on my Bright Orange Hypno-anesthesia. It was during this time I started to feel especially uncomfortable, but I kept reciting in my head that my waves were hugs from my baby and they were uncomfortable, but I was safe.

After the shower, the midwife came in and we agreed to a second check.  She said I was 7.5 cm dilated and everything was coming along very nicely. We never expected this, given that I was only 3cm 4 hours before that.   At that point we called Selma, and she confirmed that she was on her way.  The next 5 hours were the most intense and challenging, but I couldn’t have done it without Keli Engleson’s (In Harmony Birth) Hypnobabies class, my supportive husband (the best Birth Partner EVER), and an awesome doula.  I squatted, lunged, danced, bounced on the ball, counted my breaths and remained calm and focused throughout the whole process. I can say without a doubt that the counting of the breaths was one of the best methods to stay focused.  My husband would say, just give me 7 breaths, and this helped me have a beginning and an end goal to keep my mind off the pressure.

The only track I listened to at this point was the Relaxation music. Lance and I had listened to so many tracks through my pregnancy that they were all playing in my head during the waves. I honestly didn’t need to physically play the tracks; they were playing themselves in my mind. Lance and Selma would remind me I was at Peace and to Relax during each wave. Again, I felt uncomfortable, but I felt safe. My best advice to anyone reading this is to stay in motion, and not give up.  There was a time where I told Lance and Selma that I didn’t think I could do it anymore, and soon after that my midwife did the 3rd check and I was ready to have the baby. I remember Kelli telling us in class many times when people start to doubt themselves it is baby time. She was right! They let me wait until my body told me it was time to push and Selma guided me on the cues to follow.

I pushed for a little under an hour. My Doula, Selma, helped me with different positions to optimize each wave. To me, the pushing was the best part. I knew my baby was coming and I felt in control and strong.  I never felt any kind of dizziness, or anxiety, which was my greatest fear.   My husband was watching the entire thing, which honestly I thought I would be uncomfortable with, but I am so happy I told him to. It is something he will never forget and it was so motivating to see his face in amazement.

Having a supportive birth partner and doula will especially help you in this process to feel you are in a safe place. Once Selma put me on my side out came the baby! After my baby Luca came out, they laid him on my chest.  Once the placenta was birthed they set it on a table for an evaluation. They did confirm that my placenta had torn, which was the cause of the bleeding. This shows that even Placental Abruption was no match for my Hypnobabies techniques, and this baby came out natural and healthy! I credit Einstein Medical Center for not rushing me into a C-Section the moment they saw blood.  As long as my Luca was healthy, they continued with my birth plan.

After 36 hours in the hospital, Luca Bradley Wolf was born on September 17th at 8:10 am. When they put him on my chest the love I felt was indescribable. He was perfect. He was 21 inches long and 6lbs 12ozs of awesomeness. There is no greater feeling in the world than going through a natural birth and meeting your baby. He is my greatest accomplishment and the best gift I ever received.

I do know, that without my Hypnobabies class I don’t know if I could have ever done this.  My husband and I learned so much, and we were prepared.  I hope my story shows you that no matter what is thrown your way, your baby is going to be born and change your life forever.  If it wasn’t for my Hypnobabies positive affirmations and all the birthing information I learned in Keli’s class, I could not have made all the decisions I made and gotten through all the humps in meeting my perfect little boy.  I am a testimony that this process works no matter what happens along the way!




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