Hypnobabies Home-Play Encouragement!

“With hypnosis, as much effort you put in directly relates to how much compensation you will reap.”

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Let’s say you have a friend who has hired a personal trainer/fitness or health coach because they want to make certain changes; whether it’s fitting into a certain outfit, getting to a particular dress size, weight, fitness level determined by their personal goal. The coach tells them they can get the results they seek by a certain date IF they follow a specific regimen that includes exercising 4 days a week, cutting out sugar completely and not eating past 8pm. IF they do this, they will get where they want to be.

Now, let’s say you talk to your friend later and ask how it’s going and they respond with “well, I’m certainly not where I was told I would be” so you ask them how their practice is going and they tell you that because they’ve been so busy they’ve only been able to work out once or twice a week max and hectic schedules mean that they just can’t eat before 8:30pm 3-4 nights a week and since life has been so busy they’ve really needed the sugar to keep going “but I’ve definitely cut down and hey, at least I’m eating before 8pm a few days a week and working out more than I used to right?” … or something to that effect.

And then I ask my students “would you be surprised they weren’t getting the results?” They always say “no” and I say “Exactly.” And then I repeat “with hypnosis, as much effort you put in directly relates to how much compensation you will reap. I WILL be asking you every week to share how your practice is going and I welcome you to contact me anytime if there are any challenges so that we can get you where you NEED to be. We are all busy these days, but I KNOW you’ll find once you get into a routine you’ll enjoy practicing so much that many of my students contact me AFTER their babies come looking to continue using hypnosis in their everyday life.”