First Time Mom Cheryl’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

Hypno-mom Cheryl's baby swaddled in a pink and white blanket with a big read headband with a bow.

First Time Mom Cheryl’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

“My husband and massaged me through each and every wave. He also continually gave me sips of water and used the Relax-cue (Hypnobabies cue to deepen hypnosis). I absolutely could not have done it without him.”

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This is my first child and Hypnobabies helped me immensely throughout my pregnancy. At 39+5 days, my husband and I had a conversation with baby Amelia letting her know it was safe and time to come. Literally minutes later at 10:45 PM as I went to walk up the stairs, my water broke. I did not hear a pop, but water was steadily trickling down my legs. I calmly told my husband, this is it! My water just broke!

We grabbed our hospital bags, said a prayer and left for the hospital. I began to listen to Your Birthing Time Begins (Hypnobabies reminder of all the tools, cues, tracks for birthing) in the car, but started having pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions) right away and remembered people advising me to get into Hypnosis as soon as possible and stay there, so I changed to Easy Comfortable Birthing.

My eyes were closed and I was in my zone, but I realized it was taking us too long to get there. I opened my eyes to find out that there had been a rollover blocking the entrance to the freeway. My husband calmly found another route, and I was able to stay in Hypnosis. The pressure waves were pretty frequent. I wasn’t timing them, but I was easily able to use my Peace-cue (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) throughout the 45-minute car ride.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 PM. I had no need to take a wheelchair up to the fourth floor. I was immediately admitted because of the amniotic fluid present on my pad. I opted to be checked and was dilated to a four and was 50% effaced.

My husband was amazing and was doing all the talking while I was still listening to my Easy Comfortable Birthing track with my eyes closed. The waves started to become more intense and after an hour I moved from the bed to the birthing ball. This is where I would stay for the next five hours. Baby Amelia was turned ever so slightly making my pressure waves very prominent in my back. My husband and massaged me through each and every wave. He also continually gave me sips of water and used the Relax-cue (Hypnobabies cue to deepen hypnosis). I absolutely could not have done it without him.

I was checked at around 4:00 AM and was at a 5.5 and 70% effaced. I tried not to be disappointed, but at that point, I started to worry that I would not be able to complete my birth naturally. However, I had several of my affirmations hung up around the room, and I knew my body was designed for this.

The next hour was the most intense for me. There were a few waves where I decided just to try them on my own and not use Hypnosis. This was a big mistake. I quickly realized that Hypnosis and using the Relax and Peace cues were helping. It definitely was not pain-free though.

All of a sudden, I felt the urge to push. I knew I had been checked pretty recently and thought that this was not possible. I couldn’t help it though and had my husband get the nurse. I was checked and was at an 8 1/2, 100% Effaced. The nurse said my doctor would be there in 10 minutes and tried to get me to breathe through the waves without pushing. This proved to be impossible though, and I began to push.

At 5:05 AM, my doctor arrived and checked me. I was at 10 and 100% effaced. My husband then put on Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies track just for pushing) aloud. This is the first time I took my headphones off. I tried several positions to push. My favorite was using the birthing bar, being on my hands and knees, and my elbows and knees. I was watching the sunrise focusing on the deep orange color during this time. My little girl was crowning for over an hour but was in no distress at all. My doctor completely followed my birth plan and allowed me to push when I felt the urge. After an hour and 45 minutes, we met our Amelia at 6:48 AM.

We were surprised to not hear any cries and had originally planned on delayed cord clamping. My doctor called for the NICU team though and immediately cut the cord. Luckily, with some oxygen, Amelia was completely fine and within 5 minutes, we were skin to skin. My doctor later told me that she had no idea why Amelia was not breathing well on her own initially.

Birthing was one of the most intense, empowering experiences of my life. It was such a beautiful process, and Hypnobabies absolutely helped me. Although my birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor) was not pain-free, Hypnobabies helped me with discomfort, the length of my birthing time (8 hours total), and peace of mind. Thank you!