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Hypnobabies is a 6-week, 3-hours per week, thorough preparation for childbirth education course.

The hypnosis techniques we teach are based on master hypnotist, Gerald Kein’s “Painless Childbirth” program, which create deep hypnosis and “hypno-anesthesia” instead of simple relaxation, breathing or guided imagery. The Hypnobabies Workbook, CDs and hypnosis scripts help expectant mothers to re-train their inner minds that contractions in labor will be felt only as pressure, pushing, pulling and baby movement sensations.

Hypnobabies teaches the same medical hypnosis techniques that people use when preparing for surgery without any medication; these techniques create a physiological phenomenon which is called hypno-anesthesia. Our classes also teach Hypnobabies Birth Partners how to fully support our Hypno-moms, and of course, Hypnobabies can also be used very successfully by mothers without Birth Partners.

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructors are Highly Trained ~

All of our applicants are thoroughly screened before they are invited to register for a Hypnobabies Instructor training. They must fill out an online application and have an interview with the program’s founder before being invited to attend the training.

During the application process, every Hypnobabies instructor trainee applicant must demonstrate that they have a background in childbirth. Applicants must have either taught childbirth classes, have been trained as a doula or midwife, or as an L&D nurse. If an applicant does not have this background, they must attend a Childbirth Class provided by Hypnobabies prior to their instructor training where they learn about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth, and how to teach these concepts to their future students.

Additionally, all of our applicants must have at least 50 hours of basic training in hypnosis. If they are not already hypnotherapists, we require that they take an “Introduction to Hypnosis” course prior to their training, which includes a hypnosis textbook, an online study guide and practice conducting hypnosis sessions. They must read one supplemental book on hypnosis and review it.

They must read and review 4 books and take an online course provided by Hypnobabies about “The Power of Language”.

All of this is completed prior to a 4-day intensive training in Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis!