Emily’s Quick, Easy Hypnobabies Birth of Baby Isaac

Emily’s Quick, Easy Hypnobabies Birth of Baby Isaac

This is my 3rd Hypnobabies birth story! My first 2 were amazing as well and I will share them later, but here is the 3rd! A mere 2 ½ hours from the time I started birthing waves until my baby was born! Wow.

” I was listening to the Easy First Stage hypnosis track in the car; the car ride was so comfortable and relaxing.”

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As the day wore on, Eric and I knew our baby would be born that day. My baby started coming at 10:30pm and arrived at 1:01 am. Eric worked late that night trying to get things wrapped up at work so he could leave everything in order there when Isaac decided to come. I put David and Lyla to bed and felt like I needed to move around; so, I started cleaning. I cleaned the whole house, floors, counters, dishes. You name it and I probably cleaned it (without regular cleaners of course since those are bad to use while pregnant). Anyway, it felt good to move and be productive, but I almost regretted that later. Birthing takes a lot of energy; if I hadn’t used Hypnobabies and prayed the whole time, I wouldn’t have been able to conserve my energy to last the entire birth. The house looked amazing and was ready for our little one to join us! I finished cleaning around 10:00 pm and sat down on the floor beside the couch. I had my first birthing wave at 10:30; Eric arrived shortly after that from work.

For this birth I wanted to see how fast he could come. So, I visualized the birth to be an hour. At least once a week, for 45 min I visualized the entire birth. I knew it would probably be longer than an hour but I visualized an hour then let Isaac and my body decide what was safe and best for both of us. The result? Two and a half hours; that’s an amazing accomplishment. We did it together! It did not simply “happen.”

After Eric came home he could tell I was focused and the baby was coming! He helped make me comfortable. I moved from the living room to the bathroom and back. I soaked in the tub for a while: this really jump started the birth.

I got out, went to the bathroom and I could tell the waves were getting more intense. I told Eric this and he started getting everything in the car we would want. He wasn’t finished, but I told him we had to go NOW. I was feeling like I needed to push! It caught both of us completely off guard. I never look at the time when I birth; it helps make the time seem like it’s going faster. I had no idea how long it had been since I started birthing waves, but it seemed like once the birthing waves intensified I would have had a bit longer till I would feel like pushing. Not so! It was exciting and a bit terrifying since I was planning on birthing Isaac at the hospital. I hadn’t prepared my mind for a home birth so I wasn’t ready for that. I was prepared for Isaac to make his appearance at the hospital. I prayed a lot from this point until we arrived in the hospital room. I was listening to the Easy First Stage hypnosis track in the car; the car ride was so comfortable and relaxing. My body was pushing him out, but I was still able to have a good car ride to the hospital.

Thankfully our neighbor, Becky, told us if we needed her to watch our other children while we were at the hospital she could do that. She waited with the children (who were sleeping) until Grandma could arrive. Eric called the hospital and told them we were coming. This was great because there was a doctor waiting for us (the midwife was with someone else). I actually liked the doctor who was there with us though. We made it into the hospital room and Isaac appeared soon after.

When we arrived in the room the doctor was talking to Eric about the regular things. No one ever realizes how close the baby is to coming out. After what felt like forever, I jumped out of the wheelchair Eric used to push me into the hospital, and knelt down beside the bed. I said, “Eric catch him!” That got everyone’s attention right away. I think the hospital staff thought I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I did. The doctor checked me as I continued kneeling. Sure enough the top of my baby’s head was showing. This startled everyone except Eric and me. The nurses looked like they might faint and the doctor said, “Well, I guess we are just having a baby! We don’t need to do anything.” She was right, they didn’t and I’m glad she thought so too.

My baby boy came in one fluid slide. I couldn’t see the doctor’s face, but Eric said she didn’t say anything when she caught our son, but she nodded her head and had a look on her face that said, “Wow… ok, well… wow… here he is…that’s it.” I thought he might be around 8.5 pounds, but he was 9 pounds 6 oz. Eric had to tell them not to cut the cord right away. “We don’t usually cut the cord yet.” Then, I got to hold him. He was so beautiful: he looked like a little ball of chub. He was so perfect, so sweet and mellow. 
We had a crazy stay at the hospital and only stayed from 1 am till about 3 or 4 pm. It was good to get out of there and be home with our new baby and older children.


A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.