Choosing to Relax and Enjoy Birth

Choosing to Relax and Enjoy Birth

My 2nd child, Lucas, was born October 16th 2010 at 2:32 a.m., using Hypnobabies self-hypnosis techniques, he was born naturally, without any pain. He was born with his bag of water intact!

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I am so grateful for Hypnobabies training with deep relaxation, my special safe place, holding my baby, my positive affirmations and knowing that I could choose to feel only warm loving pressure waves during my birthing time. When I was at home, I was distracted with the arrival of my aunt to care for my 2 year old and I had to “choose” to use my techniques no matter how distracted I would be. I told myself that I will make this work, I have confidence and I want to feel the birth of my baby. So, no epi for me.

I never gave it another thought, this was nature and I willing accepted it. I gave birth in a hospital, when I arrived at 12:10 a.m. I was completely comfortable and dilated to 6 cm 90%. With each wave of pressure I would completely relax, going deeper to my special safe place, my husband, mother or doula would put their hand on my shoulder and remind me to relax more and more.

During transformation after one strong wave of pressure I said out loud “that was beautifully strong”.

I felt pushy after about 10 mintues of transformation and my body began to push. It was such an amazing feeling. I would take a deep breath in at the beginning of a pressure wave, hold it for the peak and exhale saying “ahhhhh”, but it sounded different from “ahhhhh”. What was amazing is that I did not “push”, my body would take a strong hold and push down and out. I tried to “push” once and I knew that it was wasteful, because my body was doing such a great job.

Lucas was born in 15 mintues, about 3 strong pushing pressure waves, where my body did all the work. It was beautiful and I am so very grateful that I had chosen to study a course that reinforced such positive thoughts about childbirth.

I would recommend natural birth to everyone and especially using Hypnobabies.

Thank you for read my story 🙂

It was amazing and let yourself “choose” to relax and enjoy your birth.