Beautiful Unique Hypnobabies Home Birth

New parent holding newborn

Beautiful Unique Hypnobabies Home Birth

“My husband held my hand while I leaned over the pool and told myself Peeeeeace (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) and tried to keep everything loose and limp.”

My fourth boy was born on Sunday, July 16th shortly after 4am. This was my third Hypnobabies birth and second home birth. It was quick, beautiful and unique from my others.

Hypnobabies mom in tub with doula during Beautiful Unique Hypnobabies Home BirthI started losing my mucus plug five days before and everyday a little more. My practice waves (Hypnobabies term for warm up contractions) became stronger each day and I could tell my body was starting to gear up, which was very different from my other births where I didn’t have a lot of signs baby was coming. I told my body to thin and open when I’d feel my practice waves and they surprisingly felt good with the downward pressure while sitting on my yoga ball. I think it was because I knew I was getting closer! At my 38-week appointment, two days before birth, my midwife couldn’t feel the top of his head because he was so low (I did not have any cervical checks during my pregnancy or birthing time). I figured he was coming soon but after waking up each day, still pregnant I was starting to let doubt and fear creep in, but also knew I needed to trust he’d come when ready. I had been resting in bed a lot and sitting on my birthing ball each day along with Spinning Babies inversions and belly sifting. My pelvic pain was preventing me from walking much so I did what I could from home to help my body. I was feeling very weepy the days leading up to birth and felt a shift happening which was hard for me to lean into.

The night before he came I decided to read Hypnobabies birth stories, like I did most nights, and in one story a mom mentioned she did acupressure and baby came next day. It was Saturday so I wouldn’t see my chiropractor or acupuncturist for a few days but thought I would give the pressure points a try.

I went to bed around 9pm Saturday night and woke up to a pop around 1am. I knew exactly what it was because my water broke the same way with my last birth. I tried getting to the toilet quickly but didn’t save the floor, despite my best effort. My last (3rd) birth was around 12 hours between water breaking and meeting baby, with a slow lead up, so I thought I had time (silly me, each birth is unique). I told my husband to finish setting up the birth tub, called the midwives to give an update and decided I was going back to sleep after we moved our youngest to his brother’s room.

I tried to lay down while listening to my Birthing Day Affirmations and about thirty minutes after my water broke, I started to have true pressure waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) that were all over the place and hard to time. Some waves didn’t feel like they had a beginning or end, and I was still trying to wake up and grasp it was birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor). I was feeling anxious, so I started Your Birthing Time Begins (Hypnobabies reminder track for what tools to use during birthing) which was a nice message to hear before things really got going. Then I started Easier First Stage (Hypnobabies main birthing day track) while my husband was trying to time waves which were between 8 and 2 minutes apart, lasting over a minute and strong but manageable.Hypnobabies couple welcoming new baby in birth tub

At some point during this my four-year-old came to my room for me so I walked him back to bed. I was able to lean over the bed during waves and get him tucked in somehow. I definitely did not realize how far along I was at this point.

I have never felt waves in my back and baby was very active so I figured I should get on my hands and knees to help him get in a better position. After a few minutes I laid back down on my left side and at this point realized we should probably call the midwife because the waves were shifting from opening to baby coming down. Before that I thought I was in my early birthing time, even after my husband told me some waves were 3-4 minutes apart. My husband learned from previous births to call when he thinks it’s time but this one went fast. He also hadn’t gone to bed yet and I think we were both hopeful for sleep before baby came.

My midwife got to the house around 3am and started doing her checks. She said I seemed to be coping very well and asked if I wanted a cervical check, which I declined. Looking back, she now thinks I was already 10 at that point but says hypno-birthers always trick her with how calm they are.

I knew I needed to get up and pee before I got in the pool but was waiting for my doula to arrive and my midwife was waiting for the second one to arrive. I also knew once I got up it would be go-time. My doula hadn’t arrived yet but I really wanted to get in the water, so I used the bathroom, got in the birth pool and my more vocal waves started right away. My midwife said she was so impressed I corrected my tones and kept them low without direction (thank you Hypnobabies). My doula showed up shortly before baby arrived, but I had no perception of time at this point and was fully in my own world. My husband held my hand while I leaned over the pool and told myself Peeeeeace (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) and tried to keep everything loose and limp. My doula was also giving me cues while holding a cold washcloth on my head. I was really thankful for her calming presence.

New parent holding newbornJust after 4am my body started pushing as I roared baby out during a wave. My midwife grabbed a mirror and surprisingly said “oh, there’s his head! That’s the hardest part.” I tried to slow things down and wait for my next wave where his body slipped out, he was passed between my legs, and I pulled him on my chest. I couldn’t believe I just had my baby in three hours! Boden Ray was born at 4:19am, weighing 6.5lbs. My little peanut. I waited for my placenta in the tub and then I cut the cord which felt symbolic for my last baby. The second midwife showed up about 30 minutes after he was born, and we were happy to have another familiar face join us. While I got into bed, baby did skin to skin with dad and then into my arms to nurse.

With three kids at home, I wasn’t able to fully commit to Hypnobabies like I did with my previous births, but I did listen to my tracks every night. I can tell you that it still worked amazingly and I am SO thankful for the tools it has given me to birth each of my babies naturally and with confidence. I have some sadness this is the end of my birthing era, but I have so many wonderful birth memories, that I love to share and encourage other moms that they can do it too.

I am so thankful to my midwives, doula, Hypnobabies and most of all my husband for supporting and encouraging me to have these beautiful births. Welcome to the world and our crazy family, Boden Ray!


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