The Beautiful Birth Story of Hypno-baby, Jordan Max

The Beautiful Birth Story of Hypno-baby, Jordan Max 

I visualized my birth going smoothly, joyfully, and quickly and I listened to the Birthing  Day Affirmations in days and hours leading up to the birth. This prepared me and helped me embrace the waiting time before the actual birthing time began (the day before his Guess Date).”

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Side note on my history with Hypnobabies: the Hypnobabies technique has been a godsend for me! After an intervention filled birth with my first child, I chose to research natural childbirth techniques for the next birth. I was thrilled to find Hypnobabies, and have used it successfully for the births of the four children that have followed!

Jordan’s birth story…

I was thrilled to begin practicing my Hypnobabies birthing techniques, listening to the scripts on a nightly basis a few months prior to my guess date. I also made a point to listen to the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations track as I would drive in the car to and from work. I felt extremely confident, excited, and prepared for the birthing process to begin. Like previous births, I started having light pressure waves weeks prior to my guess date. One week and two days prior to the guess date I released my mucous plug. I was thrilled to see this, comparing it to my other births (when my birthing time would follow two to four days after seeing my mucous plug). This was not the case for Jordan‘s birthday. Those 2 to 4 days came and went and I released myself (reluctantly at times) to except the fact that this is a new and completely different birth! I also found it very helpful to listen to the Birthing Day Affirmations in this time frame. 

On a routine check-up, four days before my guess date, my OB was concerned with the baby’s inconsistent heart rate. She had me go to the hospital to have it monitored more thoroughly, and noted that we may need to take the baby early if the heart rate was not where it should be. This was very concerning to me, because I knew that it may involve interventions completely outside of my birth plan. Throughout my time at the hospital I focused and centered myself on a prayerful and positive mindset. I was so relieved when everything checked out beautifully for the baby’s heart rate on the hospital’s heart monitor, and they sent me home.

Fortunately I was able to capitalize on quality one-on-one time with my four children during the waiting period leading up to baby’s arrival. The day before my due date I went back in to my OB’s office for another heart rate reading. Thankfully the heart rate was on track; yet this was a very emotional day for me, as I realized that things were not progressing as I had hoped they would be. As I returned home from the visit I sensed God telling me to completely surrender myself to his will and timing. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and focusing my attention on anything but the unpredictable birthing time. Surprisingly enough, as we were sitting down to dinner that night (around 6:30) I experienced my first true pressure wave. I was hesitant in reading into this, due to the false alarms I had been experiencing over the previous weeks. To my surprise these waves kept coming consistently every 10 to 12 minutes.

My kids had a trunk or treat at their school that night and I decided that we would walk to it from our home. Throughout our time at the trunk or treat the pressure waves kept coming strong and consistently. I knew as we walked back home that this was turning into the real deal. I informed my husband of the need for us to get ourselves ready for the hospital. I rested and timed the waves for the next two hours. They went from 10 to 5 minutes apart during that time frame. With each pressure wave I would use the “Finger-Drop” technique and my Peace cue to guide me through. At 10:15pm we decided it was time to head to the hospital. We were in triage by 11. This would prove to be the most frustrating part of my birthing time.

Due to the fact that I appeared so calm and I was only dilated four centimeters, the house doctor did not feel as though I was in need of being checked into a room just yet. They informed me that I could walk around the hospital and work through more pressure waves until they saw me progressing further. I let them know this was a really bad idea; due to the fact that my previous births have all progressed very quickly from 4 to 10 cm, and I was very concerned about having my baby while walking around their hospital. I am thankful that I felt the boldness to let my voice be heard. They decided at that point to check me into a room. I asked for a birthing ball and found it very relieving to sit on the ball using the Finger-Drop technique and hip swaying as the intense pressure waves continued to come.

I called to the nurses desk after a short while to let them know that it was apparent that things were progressing. At that time they found that I was 8 cm and moving into transformation. Things were getting very intense and I could feel the baby pushing through the birth canal with each pressure wave. Thankfully my husband was using counter-pressure massage in my lower back and sacrum area. The massage and his extremely supportive presence made this section of transformation much more bearable. The nurses noticed that I was starting to moan and started to prepare the room for the birth. I remember the doctor coming in at that time and getting more involved in what appeared to be baby’s arrival. This was an on-call doc, as my OB was off for the weekend. Thankfully, I felt very comfortable with him and could see he was the perfect fit for this birthing experience.

At this point I started feeling nauseous and a lot of pressure. I felt the urge to get into the bed and get into a squatting position, and the doctor and nursing staff were fully supportive and allowed me to direct everything. I found the pressure waves to be extremely intense and close together at this point. And I knew that I was ready to push with the next wave. Fortunately the baby was also ready to come and within three grunt-like pushes Jordan Max made his grand entrance (2:39 am)! I found my Hypnobabies techniques to give me the confidence I needed to embrace every twist and turn of this beautiful birth. I also feel so blessed to have been able to follow this hypnobabies support group page throughout my pregnancy!

In the months leading up to the birth I consistently listened to the Hypnotic Childbirth 1 and 2, Deepening, and Fear Clearing Tracks. I also made an effort to listen to the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations driving in my car on a daily basis. I visualized my birth going smoothly, joyfully, and quickly and I listened to the Birthing  Day days and hours leading up to the birth. This prepared me and helped me embrace the waiting time before the actual birthing time began (the day before his Guess Date). I listened to the Easy First Stage when the birthing time began, using the Finger-Drop Technique and Peace and Release cues during the pressure waves. At the hospital I continued to listen to the Easy First Stage track to guide me through each wave. I did not have a chance to use the Pushing Baby Out Track due to how quickly he was born!

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.