BabyCenter Mom Expounds about Hypnobabies!

julie six doula sofa

Every day we see posts from happy moms all over the Internet about Hypnobabies Births. This one came from a mom on BabyCenter that just had to share, and then others jumped in with glowing accolades:

julie six doula sofa

“Get a copy of the Hypnobabies CDs and do THIS!! It’s INCREDIBLE. NOTHING compares to the EASE of childbirth with this!!!!. I have had several births, natural, induced, epidural, pit. NOTHING, NOTHING works like this. It’s AMAZING. I had NO pain during my birth experience. Only light pinches and warm squeezes. If I had not experienced labor the other ways,then I could not truly enjoy Hypnobabies. This was 1000X better than an epidural. I promise!!

You can google Hypnobabies and see moms during their birthing process. So relaxed, quiet, and PAIN FREE!!!! It is a miracle. I hope you all get this and experience birth for what it SHOULD be. Relaxing, beautiful, and enjoyable. You can ENJOY your birthing experience! Birth can be a fearful event if you don’t have a beautiful tool like this. Relaxing totally while still being an active part of birth. I was talking, walking, eating, drinking, smiling (yay!) and so relaxed.
When my water broke I was 8-9 cm and still only feeling warm squeezes and light pinches. I am telling you this is NOT what my previous births were like – at 1 cm I was begging for an epidural. This whole birth was only 5 hours. My previous births were 24+ hours of inductions, etc.

Please GET it!! Hypnobabies is the brain’s power of shutting down the pain receptors and totally RELAXING every muscle in your body. The homework is super fun and easy. You listen to a cd every night. Then there is a little bit of light reading in a manual.There is a whole section for the birth partner, Dad to read too. There are signs to hang in your birthing area, including the hospital. YOU CAN USE THIS IN THE HOSPITAL TOO!!!

I wish more women would use this awesome tool for birth. It’s awesome!!!! Then you will be bragging how incredible your birth was like me!!!”

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