Ashlee’s Successful Hypnobabies Birth Story

Ashlee’s Successful Hypnobabies Birth Story

“I spent time listening to Easy First Stage and Deepening while walking the halls with my husband and hypno-doula, stopping when the waves came and relaxing into the wave using my Relax and Peace cues.”

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So, the end of my pregnancy was a little more eventful that I had originally thought it would be, as my little one kept spinning between breech and head down multiple times, from 34 weeks on, what they call unstable lie. Originally, I had been scheduled for 2 versions and didn’t have to do either because she flipped back right before both appointments. At my 40-week appointment, my doctor and I discussed different options to ensure that she had the highest likelihood of being head down for birth, and ultimately the conversation of having an induction came up.

My doctor thought that if we just broke my water, my body would do the rest of the work, especially since this was my second baby (first hypno-baby.) She knew that I wanted to have her naturally and was completely on board with doing a Hypnobabies birth. After thinking about what I wanted, I felt at peace about doing an induction and felt like that was the right choice for us based on the circumstances of everything. I think the affirmations really helped me with feeling peaceful about the whole thing, and I felt excited to meet my little acrobat!

I went into the hospital at 40+3 and they broke my water around 7:45 am and my waves (that had already started a little on their own) picked up in consistency. I spent time listening to Easy First Stage and Deepening while walking the halls with my husband and hypno-doula, stopping when the waves came and relaxing into the wave using my Relax and Peace cues. I had always had a difficult time picturing my hypno-anesthesia during practice, but it must have been working because during these waves I would feel mostly pressure.

By 10:40, we headed back to the room. I went to sit on the toilet and my body started pushing. I told the team that I needed to push, and they checked me. I was 7cm and 80% effaced. At that point I was supposed to get hooked up to the monitors to check baby, but I was beginning to have waves back to back. Quickly I went from just feeling pressure waves to pushing waves again.

The pushing waves came so quickly that I didn’t have time to change the track to the Pushing Baby Out either on my headphones or on the speaker we brought with us. However, I still found myself very focused on breathing baby out and my husband did awesome reminding me to use low vocalizations as I was pushing. Within 20 mins (that felt like only 5), I could feel baby crowning, and heard one of the nurses say that I was complete. Because I had progressed so quickly, my doctor hadn’t arrived yet, so the laborist at the hospital was the one that was there.

My husband said she barely got dressed by the time that baby was crowning. I was giving birth in the side-lying position and the laborist asked me if I could turn to my back. Both my husband and I clearly told her “No,” even though I was very deep in hypnosis. My doula helped coach me to push the way that the laborist was asking me to because she said that we needed to get the baby out right away, most likely because they didn’t have monitors on the baby and they weren’t sure how she was doing. And with two final pushes I gave birth to her head and then body! 🙂 My doctor got there right as we were waiting for the placenta to come out.

It was such a peaceful birth and while the last 20 minutes were really intense, I never felt out of control or like I couldn’t do it! 🙂 Such a powerful and empowering experience! The nurse kept saying afterwards how it was such a cool birth to be part of and how she was so surprised how calm and peaceful it was! I am so thankful I found Hypnobabies because my first birth was a completely different experience, and I definitely resonate with the affirmation about how this birth is a healing experience for me. Thanks to everyone on the moms group who was a support to me as I was preparing for the versions, or who just shared their stories that gave me confidence that I could also have a wonderful experience!