Anna’s Quick and Beautiful Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

Anna’s Quick and Beautiful Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

“Hypnobabies is more than just learning self-hypnosis. It completely changed my whole outlook on what birthing is. I can honestly say that birth does not have to be traumatic or sorrowful like how it is usually portrayed in TV and our culture. I can’t wait to do Hypnobabies again!”  😉

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Anna and familyI started my Hypnobabies in-home training at 27 weeks for 5 weeks with my husband and loved every minute of it! It taught me a lot more than just self hypnosis during labor. I had suffered from severe pelvic dysfunction since around 25 weeks and it made walking very difficult and painful for me. After i had learned how to use my mental light switch, i was able to utilize that technique immediately. During the day, i would always be in my center switch to help me move around or walk while I was at work. It was awesome!
This was my second pregnancy. With my first one, I was in labor for 32 hours! I definitely did not wanna go through that again so as soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I started doing tons of research and learned how epidurals and other medical interventions can have a negative effect on your baby. I watched documentaries after documentaries and read books about natural childbirth and although I know that I have a very low pain tolerance, I wanted to have this baby naturally without epidural and as little as medical intervention as possible. I was scared to do it and didn’t know if i can so i had to talk myself into it by educating myself more about natural child birth. The first step I took was to hire a doula. Having a doula by your side during labor not only reduces your chance of ending up in c-section (which was my main fear), they are also professionals that will support you without judgment until the day you have your baby. She was always available for me 24/7 whether I had questions or even when I just need someone to rant on when I’m having a bad day. She always presented me with facts and reminded me about my options and as a pregnant hormonal woman, it was very helpful.
So my doula happened to be a hypno-doula and she was the one who told me about hypnobabies! I did my research and decided that I wanted to do it- it was the best decision ever! I heard of many other great birthing class out there but hypnobabies just seemed to be the perfect match for me. My mom (who couldn’t make it to the birth) paid for the home study training and I couldnt be more thrilled as soon as i got it in the mail! I trained religiously and it was very well worth it. At night, when it became uncomfortable for me to sleep during my third trimester, the audio tracks were my life saver. I listened to it every single night and it made it possible for me to still have a restful good night sleep. I loved falling into a very deep hypnotic state!
On my birthing day, it was Tuesday morning. I woke up a little frustrated because this day marks 40 weeks and 6 days of me being pregnant. I mean, seriously. I thought that second pregnancies goes a lot quicker? I felt like I had been so patient enough that my patience should have been rewarded by now. Ugh. I was so mad I decided to make some strawberry pretzel salad! Yum. I wanted to get many other things done that day but since I could barely move around, I decided to lay back to bed and listen to my tracks. I made up my mind that if i still didn’t go into labor after my nap and hypnosis session, that I would eat that whole darn dessert i just made. Lol!
I started with the track Come Out, Baby and then Fear Clearing session. I couldn’t get enough of it so I also played my Hypnotic Childbirth track. About 15 minutes into my hypnosis, I felt something pop down there. It was 3:30 pm. I thought, hmm.. If my water had broken, I would have felt it because the bed would be soaking wet so it must have just been a hard kick from the baby! Or a hiccup 🙂 I continued listening and relaxing until my track ended. I’m so glad that my husband decided to work from home that day because as soon as I got out of bed, water started gushing out of me! Aaaah! OK, I didn’t really scream. I relaxed myself and told my husband. I called my doula. She told me to call my midwife right away but I didn’t because I know they would have me come in asap and I wanted to labor at home as long as possible and come when I’m ready. I was so confident that everything is going to go as I have “envisioned” according to my training so I took my time, did not panic, and got in the shower. Pressure waves started coming in 2-3 minutes apart but I remained calm, still enjoying the warmth of the water very comfortably. I wanted to stay there longer but at that point I knew I had to get out and get dressed and leave to go to the hospital. I barely have anything ready! Ok, i did get a little nervous because the p.w.’s are starting to get really intense so quickly!. My husband called his aunt to pick up my 2 yo. I called my doula again and let her know that I’m going to have to meet her at the hospital. I sat on a birthing ball while waiting for my husband take our bags and things in the car. I was annoyed at him because it felt like he was moving in slow motion. Finally, at around 4:15 pm I got in the car and played my Deepening track. I instantly felt relieved as i turned my mental lightswitch off and went into my special safe place. The pressure waves were literally on top of each other and my husband kept asking me what I wanted to eat. I wanted to yell at him so bad but i knew it would only distract me. I was having 20-30 seconds break in between before another wave comes on so I wasn’t really getting any breaks. It was getting a little challenging to keep my lightswitch off. I focused on my jaws, eyes, hands, and uterine muscles and made sure they are not tensed, which i think i did a pretty good job on 🙂 The tracks and affirmations were definitely working. I could still hear my husband trying to talk to me in the background but my switch remained turned off. At some point, I had to switch to center to tell him what I wanted to eat and then I turned myself off completely limp and lose while pressure waves are coming so strong. I remained quiet, confident, and at peace. It was nice. We got to the hospital and I turned the track off and put my headphones away. I realized that I shouldn’t have done that but I thought, “its ok, Ive got this! I have plenty of time to play this when I get checked in to my room, labor in the tub and all that good stuff!” So while I was being wheeled in the wheelchair, I played the affirmations in my head….it was around 5. Pressure waves are stronger in intensity than ever! We got to the triage room and nurses started asking me a bunch of questions! The nurses didn’t think I was that far along as I was so into my hypnosis and still being so calm. Then questions after questions and with the pressure waves being on top of each other, it was getting uncomfortable and challenging. I then found out that my midwife and my doula are still not there in the building! It was rush hour and they got stuck in the traffic. Okay now I’m nervous. All these nurses around me had no idea what my birth plan is and I really did not have time to pull it out and show them because my husband was too busy giving me counter pressure on my lower back and He. rocked. it! I now call him the master of counter pressure. It was amazing! I remember him trying to reach for something and I yelled “don’t take your hands off my back!” The pressure wave sensations are so strong that when the nurse asked me if I wanted epidural, I said YES!!! Heck, who in the right mind would say no to that? Lol. I was very glad I was in the hospital at that moment and there is an epidural coming my way because I felt like I just couldn’t take it anymore. I wished i had kept my head phones on at that moment! I also did not wanna talk to anybody, I just wanted my epidural so bad! Of course, later on, I learned that these emotions are signs that I am transitioning but at that point, I just thought that its going to get worse and I started doubting myself if I could really handle it. I couldn’t keep quiet anymore so I started moaning and almost crying thinking where the heck is my birth team?! Around 5:40ish, i felt the urge to push and i yelled to the nurses “you guys are being so slow!!!” I still couldn’t believe that everything is happening so fast and they didn’t have the time to administer epidural. I was glad that they didn’t as soon as I realized that this is it! I am almost done! I don’t want your epidural! The nurses called the doctor in whom i’ve never met before. I dont remember him talking or saying anything. he just kinda sat there and watched me do my thing. lol
Pushing was amazing! My mind was filled with thoughts, scary thoughts at first, but somehow in the midst of it, I thought to myself “Peace” and was able to completely relax and let my body do its work. I remember thinking about one of the affirmations saying “your uterus is as soft as a melting butter”. I honestly couldn’t help myself but laugh when I first heard it but these affirmations are truly powerful and effective. I remember waiting for that “ring of fire” sensation that I had heard about but there was absolutely no pain as i felt her head crowned. All i felt was pressure and a very powerful sensation. All my fears had been instantly replaced with feelings of joy. It was almost overwhelming. i couldnt believe that I was doing it and finally my hypno-anesthesia worked again! I was like, Oh hey there, hypno-anesthesia, where have you been all this time? thanks for showing up towards the end. Yeah, i thought we were going to have plenty of time too! hehehe. I breathed down and my beautiful daughter entered into the world. IT was wonderful. Its like the orgasm of birth when you finally get to hold your baby and look her in the eyes. I pushed for 5 minutes. Maybe less. Oh and my midwife and doula finally showed up. Yes, they both missed the whole thing 🙂

Anna's Baby girlMy post partum had been amazing. I did not have any stitches, soreness was very minimal and I felt amazing the very next day. It was definitely a wonderful experience. Also, I had a very supportive and awesome husband by my side who had been so patient with me.
Is it crazy to say that i wish that my labor would have been longer? I looked forward for that day so much and i only get two and a half hours?! 🙂 I was actually prepared and confident this time to labor long but i guess my baby just wanted out and she wanted it quickly! Even though everything did not go as i had planned and I wasn’t able to use all of hypnobabies techniques that I’ve learned because of my very short and intense birthing time, I wouldn’t change a thing. This birth is beautiful, perfect, and unique unto its own. Hypnobabies is more than just learning self-hypnosis. It taught me how to trust and be confident with my body and that I am “..fearfully and wonderfully made..” It completely changed my whole outlook on what birthing is. I can honestly say that birth does not have to be traumatic or sorrowful like how it is usually portrayed in TV and our culture. I can’t wait to do hypnobabies again! 😉

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.