2nd Time Mom Steph’s Very Fast Hypnobabies Home Birth

“Suddenly, POP, my water broke and the intensity exploded! Called the midwife, called the doula- told them to “come quick- hurry up!” … I was feeling pushy.”

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I’m thrilled to share our birth story and the role Hypnobabies played in it- Baby Wally was born Sunday, Sept 15th.

This was my second birth, and first hypno-baby birth. For context, my first birth was a successful “natural” home birth, but I had chosen to induce via castor oil/midwife cocktail at 42+3 and from there on, multiple midwife interventions were used to keep the waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions) strong and get baby out. So- coming into this pregnancy, the primary fears that I needed to clear were: 1) Could my body go into spontaneous birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor) by itself? And 2) Could I maintain the momentum of the waves and push baby out on my own? You be the judge 🙂

With 42 weeks quickly looming, I decided to use the Come Out Baby track (Hypnobabies track to encourage baby to be born) at 41 weeks+3 – I listened to it twice on Friday. Saturday was a busy day with the family but dedicated myself to the Visualizing my Birth track (Hypnobabies track that creates a visualization of birthing time) that evening. I was feeling the slightest crampiness, and while watching a bit of TV before bed, felt lots of downward pressure on my cervix- Baby was descending! I had a good sleep Saturday night with just some mild crampiness, that barely disturbed my sleep. Woke up a bit crampier in the AM and decided to listen to Come Out Baby again- I felt like it was the start of my time. That morning there were a few mild waves, but irregular, and so I decided I felt up a nice forest walk with my toddler and some friends by the beach.

I returned home for a hearty lunch prepared by hubby- and listened to Birthing Time Affirmations while we ate. Around 1:30 pm, I felt the need to focus and wanted some quiet to relax through the increasingly strong waves. I sent hubby to the grocery store with my son to get some last-minute missing necessities. He agreed, seeing that I was so relaxed, and he had only noticed me breathe through one wave or so, and all seemed under control. I lay down in bed (my Special Safe Space) to listen to “Deepening Your Hypnosis” (Hypnobabies track that deepens the level of hypnosis). I only got halfway through the track and decided to call my Doula. I asked her to make her way in the next hour or so- “things are ramping up, but no rush” … I switched to Easy first Stage (Hypnobabies main birthing day track) and stayed fully OFF- I just couldn’t move…and before getting more than halfway through the track-

Suddenly, POP, my water broke and the intensity exploded! Called the midwife, called the doula- told them to “come quick- hurry up!” … I was feeling pushy. I couldn’t get the hypno-tracks back on- but stayed in OFF-I couldn’t do anything else really- just had to let the huge waves crash over me. My husband was back in the car on his way and called to check on me- thank goodness. He raced home from the grocery store (at least a few red lights were run…) as I roared over speakerphone. Baby was coming with such force, but I just needed to have my husband there.

He ran in, groceries still in the trunk- He could see that I was ready to push the baby out- and immediately got the midwife on the phone. He ripped my pants off to find baby’s head crowning! In 3 more pushes, baby was fully born at 3:15 pm, caught by dad! Midwife and doula arrived 10 minutes later, in time to check that everyone was healthy and safe and to receive the placenta. With only 6 or so giant waves over the 25 minutes after my water broke, I never did get to play the “Pushing Baby Out” track.

We are so proud of how the birth happened- so empowering- and it has been such an amazing experience to share with my partner. We are still processing how it all went down. Interestingly- it isn’t how I visualized (a comfortable, calm water birth in a pool in the dining room with all our support team)- but it was fast, easy and took place in my Special, Safe Place- my bed with my husband. Another added benefit is that the physical recovery has been so much easier. This birth healed the fears and insecurities I had after my first birth- and I am so grateful!