2nd Time Hypno-Mom Amelia’s Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth

Hypno-mom Amelia and partner looking down on newborn baby.

2nd Time Hypno-Mom Amelia’s Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth

“I kept feeling for my baby’s head because I knew if I could that she was close to being born. I guess she descended pretty quickly because at 1:08 pm my water broke on its own, and by 1:14 pm she was crowning.”

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At 4:30 am on Sunday, November 24 I woke up to pee and started feeling pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions). When I laid back down I couldn’t sleep but I knew I needed to rest to conserve energy. I remember thinking “today is baby day”! I got up around 6:30 am once Lyla (my 2yr old) was awake and started getting ready for the day. I felt a bit queasy but ate breakfast anyways for energy.

Cameron (my husband) went off to his church meeting at 7:30 am since pressure waves were not intense yet. Anytime I felt one coming I’d stop and breathe through it and sway my hips back and forth. Lyla usually copied me which was super sweet. I had my Hypnobabies “Birth Affirmations” track playing to get me in the right mindset. I called Cameron home at about 8 am when I threw up breakfast. I now know from both my births that I’m nauseous from the start and it doesn’t mean I’m in transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition).

I texted my doula and birth photographer to let them know today would be the day and then I called my midwife with an update. She came around 9:30 am to check me and I was 4cm dilated. I sent her away figuring we had several more hours before she was needed. By 10 am I was wanting counter-pressure with every pressure wave and Cameron was having a hard time tending to both me and Lyla so we called his parents who came to get her a half-hour later. I also let my doula know I wanted her there and she got to our house just after 11 am.

She and Cameron set up the birth tub which ended having a couple of holes we had to tape and the hose wouldn’t connect right so water got all over the floor. That was the one part of the whole birth that didn’t go well. I got in the tub about 11:45, my midwife arrived soon after and found me to be 6cm dilated. I remember being disappointed and wishing I was further along because it felt like we still had so long to go (especially considering Lyla’s 34hr birth).

The water did feel really good, as did pouring water on my back, more counter-pressure, and being on hands and knees. My birth photographer got there shortly after 12 pm and my other midwife arrived sometime in the next half hour. At 12:45 I was an 8, almost 9 and 0 station. That was super encouraging to hear and I felt like the end was in sight! I did have to focus on breathing through each pressure wave and allowing my body to relax, which my doula was really good at helping me do.


I kept feeling for my baby’s head because I knew if I could that she was close to being born. I guess she descended pretty quickly because at 1:08 pm my water broke on its own, and by 1:14 pm she was crowning. I kept thinking “stretching! stretching!” as her head started to emerge. I guided her head out with my hands, then at 1:24 pm she was born and I lifted her up onto my chest.

I HAD MY BABY! I birthed the placenta while still in the birth pool, then waddled over to the bed where she nursed for the first time. We called Cameron’s parents to tell them the news and so they could bring Lyla back home. The rest of the afternoon was full of lots of snuggles and some measuring and weighing of baby – 7lbs 8oz and 20in. My birth team helped to drain the pool and clean our kitchen before they left us to bond as a family.

I LOVED birthing at home in my own space. Not having to go anywhere or come home was also a big bonus. Feeling her head as she came down the birth canal and then guiding her into this world and onto my chest was one of the most wonderful and empowering things I’ve ever experienced. Birth for me is definitely intense and hard and I certainly had moments where I doubted myself or wondered if it would last forever; however, I only felt pressure and stretching, which I credit my mindset and view of what birth is, plus my Hypnobabies training. I only ended up listening to the Birth Affirmations track, but even just hearing the music and Kerry’s voice helped me to relax since I had listened to them every day for weeks. Thanks, Hypnobabies!

Birth video: https://vimeo.com/381976591