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  • Jessica Raymond
    Breathing while congested??

    Hello, I just recently started my hypnobabies class and am struggling with congestion. I am not ...

    • asked 12 hours ago
  • Sara Shapiro
    Directing Your Anesthesia ???

    I just started week 4 of the home study. one of the things to practice for the week is eyes open ...

    • asked 2 days ago
  • Carol Alvarado
    Hypnobabies program

    ok so good news! I was able to get the two books. Will I be able to do the program successfully w...

    • answered 3 days ago
  • LeAnna Brown
    Turning a Bre ech Baby

    I bought the Turning Your Breech baby track.  I'm 34 weeks and have been listening to it almost e...

    • asked 3 days ago
  • Carol Alvarado
    Hypnobabies program

    Hi Jenn, Thank you very much for the quick response. So I've got the CDs and the workbook, but n...

    • answered 3 days ago

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