We loved this story of a Hypnobabies Birth told from Dad’s perspective. He felt like a partner, he knew what to do, it was enjoyable for him and mom! Here’s an excerpt:

“When my wife had her first contraction, rather than rush off to the hospital in a panic, we used our relaxation and hypnosis techniques at home for awhile. Our doula came over and helped, too. When we went to the hospital, my wife was at 8cm and completely calm (our nurse Cindy commented that she had never seen a woman so calm at 8cm). In the birthing room, we dimmed the lights, turned on the relaxation CD and read hypnosis scripts to reinforce the peacefulness of the moment. I was able to help my wife through the entire experience, and knew exactly what to say and do to help her stay calm and comfortable. The hospital staff was amazing — rather than being skeptical about the hypnosis, they were supportive and respectful. Dr. Murphy in particular was so encouraging and kind and positive. Never once did my wife yell at me or scream in pain. I even have a picture of her at 9cm in the bathtub, smiling. After just 3 pushes, my second daughter was born! 

Our nurse said later that she’d never seen a more peaceful natural birth. Our second birth would make for some pretty boring television, but for those looking for an alternative to the stereotypical chaotic and stressful birth, I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Read the entire story here:  Shaelyn’s Birth Written by her Dad