Hello cool Hypno-moms!!!

Walif, my third child made his entrance into the world last 7 Jan 2010.

It was the best birth I had – fast, easy and comfortable.  I felt so fresh after the birth I could run for a marathon.

Everyone complimented on how calm I was in the birthing room and how fresh I looked after.

Thanks to Hypnobabies and all you supportive Hypno-moms!!!

Below is the recap of the eventful day from DH’s perspective.

So he finally arrived.

At around 3pm Thursday she felt her contractions getting closer. She called Andrea the doula, and she told me to monitor it closer and of there’s progress we should go to the hospital. We had packed two bags and I was checking the list to make sure we had everything when she suddenly said we had to go.

I told Minion One (Nabil) to get the bag and Minion Two (Rayhana) to get the birthing (exercise) ball and shove it in the boot of the car. Before we knew it we were in the car heading for the hospital. The ride is only about three minutes and it must have been the longest three minutes of our lives. I jumped out of the car and went straight into the Emergency Room and I was just about to shout out when I felt the stare of a thousand pairs of eyes on me. So I just asked the nearest nurse -softly- for a wheelchair for my wife who is in labour. She was wheeled into the ER and I jumped back into the car.

While I parked I saw Andrea the doula walk in with her bag-o-goodies and I felt a little bit better. I didn’t know it then but apparently while seated on the wheelchair with the baby’s head just about popping out of er… where babies come out from, Kolin was being interviewed According to her, shepolitely asked him if he could do this later. (There might be a different version of this story if I should ask the admissions clerk)

When I walked in I bumped into Andrea the doula, and she asked me where she was, which puzzled me because she was there the whole time while I was parking the car! Of course, the do-not-panic-under-pressure-while-the-underwear-is-being-soiled training came in and I calmly walked into the ER to ask where my wife is. “She’s up in the labour room.” So there we went. They must have crossed paths when she was wheeled onto the other elevator!

At this point of time I thought I would know exactly what to do having done this before. Some… time… before…

I tried to be busy. I tried to read the birth plan again – which I thought I would have time for! But nothing would register!

To cut a long story short… actually… hang on! The story is short! Kolin was in the labour room for maximum 30 minutes when he popped out. When we arrived at the hospital she was FULLY dialated. Imagine that! Any longer in the car I would have to name him Honda!

The Hypnobabies stuff works! No drugs! Not even time for an IV line to be put in -just in case. And Andrea the doula was fantastic! I had no idea what I was doing. More precisely, I had no idea what I was supposed to do! But Andrea the doula did it all!

Dr. Shiva was cool too! Kolin had discussed with her the Birth Plan (which we were to rename Birth Preference – because almost nothing goes to plan in a labour room). She kept to it. The nurses too! Thank God for that… because like I say, I thought I had time to be refreshed but I didn’t!

When everything settled I realised that I only had time for one bag. I left one bag at home (which had the babies clothes in it) and my camera bag as well. We were rushed. It was mad. But we made it in time.

My wife was wonderful. Her decision to do this drug free was the bravest thing to do. It was good for the baby and it was good for her too.

Getting a doula to help us out was a great idea too. She was mainly there just in case I was at work when this happened but by the grace of God all this happened the day after I finished my last flight to start two weeks off. And she turned out better than I expected!

Thanks Andrea.

And thanks to Dr. Shiva for honouring our wishes.

The bundle of joy came out to this world at 4.05pm (Dubai time) on the 7th of January 2010 (21 Muharram 1431), weighing 2.665kg.

We’ve named him Walif Za’eem.

In Arabic:

Walif وليف (origin ولف) means companion, associate,comrade; friend, pal


Za’eem زعيم means leader, chief, head, boss, strongman.

I pray that my son becomes as he is named, a friend and a leader and be an asset to his brother and sister, his parents, all that he is related to and to his Ummah. Ameen.