Your Amazing and Wonderful Mind: How Hypnosis Works


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Did you know that there are people who have healed themselves from “fatal” diseases and even undergone major surgery with no medical anesthetics at all, simply by using hypnosis? Our minds are extremely powerful, and it benefits all of us to learn how they work, and how hypnosis can create desired results.

The Conscious part of your mind is what you are reading this with, and when you are awake, it is aware of all that goes on in and around yourself, what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing, allowing you to know what you are doing and why.

Think of your Subconscious mind as an internal computer that houses thousands of computer programs on which everything you have ever seen, heard, experienced, thought or believed are stored. The belief systems housed here are what will actually create your reality when it comes to reprogramming for childbirth. You are not consciously aware of these subconscious processes, but they influence how you feel and think based on what you believe. It is here, in the inner mind, where positive change takes place.

These two parts of the mind actually mesh together nicely when we are children, up to about the age of 6-8 years of age, without any interference. That is why children are so suggestible; so easily influenced. They are literally in a state of hypnosis all of the time, open to suggestion.

After about 6 – 8 years of age we develop a division between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind, called the Critical Faculty…

The Critical Faculty is that part of the conscious mind that takes its orders from the subconscious. It monitors all incoming suggestions and compares it to the perception you already have on that subject. If the new suggestion does not agree with the existing perception, it will reject it. If the new suggestion does agree, it will allow it through thereby compounding the original perception and giving it power.

In order to effect permanent change, our goal is to make the Critical Faculty “rest” so that we can directly access the inner mind and provide it with new concepts. When you relax your body and then your mind, a state of hypnosis is achieved in which the Critical Faculty can get a rest and you can access and simply “re-program” your subconscious computer to produce your desired results.

You are not taking anything out; you are simply giving yourself new belief systems that will help you to have an easy and comfortable birth. Think of yourself now as a computer re-programmer. Using hypnosis, as these new concepts become a part of your inner mind and belief system, your subconscious mind is like a child and will take everything literally, accepting them with ease as long as they continue coming on a daily basis. It can also be kind of lazy and would like to just go back to thinking the way it always has, so you must constantly reinforce your hypnotic suggestions or it will only work partially for you. As much effort as you put in, that’s how much compensation you will reap. An interesting fact about hypnosis is that the more you practice it, the easier it gets. Each time you allow yourself to enter hypnosis, you will go in easier, faster and deeper. This is simply exercising your mind, very much like physical exercise works on the body, and it will get stronger and more effective with each session.