Willem Audie’s Hypnobabies Home Birth Video

“A home birth using Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis. It’s hard to convey to people the fact that birth does NOT have to be something to fear, and CAN be enjoyable! It’s hard to just tell people how enjoyable birth can be, but now I can finally show people and share with them my personal enjoyable birth!” ~ Willem’s mama, Michael


  • I am new to Hypnobabies. I just bought the course and am beginning Week 1 now. I read about not watching negative birth shows or listening to negative stories. However, the above video left me feeling more negative than positive about natural birth. All the moaning makes me think that this woman is uncomfortable — and Hypnobabies keeps telling me that birth can/will be comfortable and pain free. This video made me lose a bit of my faith in having a comfortable pain-free birth. The mother is also quoted as saying repeatedly that the birth was enjoyable. She does not appear to be enjoying it.

  • Congrats on starting your Hypnobabies journey!

    In Hypnobabies you will learn how some women best connect with the power of their birthing waves by vocalizing (while others remain quiet). I appreciate that our first instinct is to interpret vocalizing/moaning/sound during birth as a negative when it really is an expression of power as well as a completely normal and yes – can absolutely be a positive response!

    Often, when thinking of hypnosis, we immediately pull images of people lying down, with their eyes closed (& being quiet) but with Hypnobabies, you will learn hypnosis tools that will allow you to move, talk & walk around, with your eyes open while still deeply in hypnosis! Your perceptions are changing and Hypnobabies will make it easy!

  • Hello, I am a mother of three with two hypnobabies and an instructor. When choosing my childbirth program with my second child, I read so many different books. In several of the natural books, specifically Ina May Gaskin’s books, they talk about deep moaning noises helping with the pushing process. I took that to heart and when the time for pushing began, I let my body do its thing and I moaned a lot. I was actually picturing myself as Monica Cellis (a former tennis player) hitting a ball. I was completely comfortable and it just felt right for me. One of the great things about Hypnobabies program is that it frequently reminds moms to do what feels right for them. For me, it is right to moan, but my most recent Hypnobabies student was silent for the whole process. We both had relaxing and completely comfortable birthing experiences, but our bodies told us to do different things. I’m so glad that you talked about this on this thread because it is so important to hear peoples reflections on their births and the births they have attended. My mom was there for my second birth and she thought that the hypnosis stopped and I was in pain. She was completely shocked when in the middle of a moan/push, the doctor asked me a question and I just stopped moaning and had a conversation with him.

  • Hi H. White, I so agree with what the others have said so far. I have been the doula for nearly 300 Hypnobabies moms, and they all use their tools and follow their body’s in different ways. Being in hypnosis and moaning rhythmically, or rocking in a rhythm are normal, physiologic responses for some women, others are ‘stealthy’ when sliding their babies out. Each woman, each birth, each baby brings a different journey. In the beginning of being a Hypno-Doula, I thought that all the moms who were comfortable were quiet, and the ones who made loud ‘Sheerah’ like sounds when they were pushing, were uncomfortable…but, I soon learned otherwise by asking them about their experiences during our postpartum visits. The vast majority of Hypnobabies moms reported being mostly comfortable or even pain free throughout their birthings, and that making loud roaring or moaning sounds felt good to them and helped release some of the power of their birthings along with their babies from their bodies. More than a few of them said it was like martial arts noises for them…a release of power with an increase in effort.

  • Hi!
    I’m the mom from the video. I just noticed there were comments under this video! I wanted to reassure the mom in the first comment (and anyone else) that my moaning was purposeful and helpful. I’m definitely a talker, and when I wasn’t moaning/moving around I was sleeping peacefully and comfortably with my Hypnobabies scripts in the background. I was completely comfortable for the entirety of my birthing time with intense pressure during pushing. All was completely manageable! I felt in control the whole time which, for me, was something I really needed.

    I’d also like to note that I’ve gone on to have one more birth in 2010 (a several day induction) and used my Hypnobabies tools successfully for that birth as well. I’m now pregnant with baby #4 and am definitely going to use Hypnobabies once again. I have found it beneficial every step of the way and use my tools outside of pregnancy/birth as well when I’m needing physical comfort.

  • I was at a Hypnobabies birth once (an induction actually) where the mom powerfully ROARED her way throughout the entire thing. At the end she said “it wasn’t painful, it just felt good to make noise.”

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