VBAC or a Repeat C-Section?

VBAC or a Repeat C-Section?

Q) “I am trying to decide whether to attempt a VBAC or schedule a repeat c-section. Is the Hypnobabies course worth my time and money if I end up opting for a c-section?”

A) From our experts; our Hypno-Moms:

Melissa B: I did the homestudy course (no classes in my area), and had a VBAC. I was dead set against a repeat c-section unless I had an emergency. Yes, it was very helpful. I would do it again, and will if I have another baby.

Jennifer B: I did the home study course, too. I think Hypnobabies is useful for ANY aspect and approach for childbirth (and everything leading up to it and following!). I have continued to use my “peace” cue regularly.

Erica L: I have never had a c section. But I have found Hypnobabies to be extremely useful even in non birthing areas. Just relaxing and feeling like I do the task at hand. I am terrified of c sections, so …

I think that having the cues and just knowing how to do the fear release, for me would be worth it.

Tiffany H: I did the homestudy course and had my 2nd VBAC. I agree, I think the course is great for anybody that is giving birth no matter what way you are giving birth. It has changed my life! I use several things I learned from Hypnobabies in everyday situations.

Nuriyah L: I’m a VBAC and used Hypnobabies throughout my pregnancy and at the onset of labor. It really helped me to stay calm; I didn’t once feel or even think that I could end up with a repeat c-section (unnecessary the first time in my case) and I didn’t!

Zeresh A: Yes, and FYI – VBACS are routine in other countries such as Spain… because they are considered safer than c-sections…

Rachael R: I’m doing Hypnobabies with hopes of a VBAC, but it has helped me really relax in all aspects of my life. My BP is down, I’m more calm about birth in a Hospital, etc. I think it will benefit me no matter what birth experience we end up with.

Sigrid C: YES! Hypnobabies will be worth every penny!!! I used Hypnobabies to have a peaceful, comfortable, beautiful VBAC! (it was AWESOME!!! Please consider trying for a VBAC- it was the best experience of my life). And I agree that my c/s wouldn’t have been so traumatic if I had used Hypnobabies to stay calm and relaxed.

Becky L: I did the home study course while preparing for my VBAC (a year ago Tuesday!), and it was totally worth it. I would say to just plan on a VBAC and ditch the idea of a repeat c-section. Honestly, once it was my birthing time, I never even thought about having another C-section, I was just calm and confident because of my hypnosis training.

Tina S: I used the homestudy course, hoping for a VBAC. Events unfolded that made a c-section more of a probability toward the end. Had I not been using the Hypnobabies cds to visualize a healthy, peaceful birth, it might have been more traumatic. I fought it, but then was able to get to a place of acceptance, without regret.

Wendy D: I was not convinced to do a VABC with my second birth, and ended up going with a repeat cesarean. While the birth was fine, I struggled emotionally for a really long time. It effected everyone in my life. When we got pregnant with #3, I knew I HAD to have a VBAC. I used the Hypnobabies home study course, and it was the best thing I’ve done. It is totally and completely worth it. . Even if you end up choosing a cesarean in the end, doing Hypnobabies will still be worth it. Because, you never know what’s going to happen.

Kimberly D: ABSOLUTELY worth it. My med-free Hypnobabies VBAC was beautiful and amazing and pretty much pain free. I never even considered a repeat C but I think the home study course is incredibly valuable either way. GO VBAC! :-)

Crystal C: DEFINITELY!! I did not have a VBAC but ended up with an unplanned c-section. I definitely felt that Hypnobabies really helped me mentally.

Amanda S: YES YES YES! I had an amazing VBAC with Hypnobabies! It was fast, easy and comfortable. My midwife doubted I was in labor when we arrived at the hospital. I was 9cm and holding my daughter 40 minutes later. In addition to the regular Hypnobabies Course, I also downloaded the VBAC Success Track and listened to it EVERY single day during my toddler’s nap and at night! This course is so worth it!

Michelle L: I did Hypnobabies home study and found it to be incredibly helpful with just pregnancy in general. I was able to have my son VBAC and I think the reasons it was successful were my husband’s support, my doula and Hypnobabies.

Amanda B: I second that. I had a truly amazing birth experience after doing Hypnobabies. I can’t say enough about the course. I was prepared and had no anxiety prior to my daughters birthing day. The actual delivery was fast (under 90minutes) and pain free. I owe such a wonderful VBAC to Hypnobabies, my husband and friend.

Sarah B: I can’t speak directly to the use of Hypnobabies with a c-section, although I can only imagine it would be nothing but helpful. But with respect to VBAC…I took a group Hypnobabies course during my third pregnancy and I had an amazing VBAC birth experience.

Karen Z: I used the Hypnobabies Home Study for my VBAC and it was awesome! Hypnobabies helps you relax and be positive during your pregnancy and there is value in that. You will most likely have an amazing VBAC, but even if you choose or need a c-section, you can use your Hypnobabies tools to have a better experience.

Melissa M: Hypnobabies (homestudy) helped make my VBAC possible. I was so relaxed between birthing waves that sometimes my husband said I actually be heard snoring!