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We are often asked, “How is the Hypnobabies Home-Study Course for Expectant Mothers different from other self-study hypno-birthing programs?”


On this page we will answer that question by telling you what is unique and exclusive to the Hypnobabies Home-Study Course, without disparaging any other particular method.

Other hypno-birthing courses have excellent programs and benefits, that have helped many women have better, more relaxed births. We recognize that and celebrate other programs and what they do every day for birthing women!

Below our explanation of what makes the Hypnobabies Self-Study program unique and so effective, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve included testimonials from Hypnobabies Hypno-Moms who have taken another kind of childbirth course first, and then gone on to enjoy their Hypnobabies program and birth experience. They are happy to share their experiences with you, to encourage and support you on your own hypno-journey!

In Hypnobabies, our objectives are to help our pregnant couples bond with their babies in utero, which automatically happens when they are practicing hypnosis techniques together. We teach expectant moms how to stay healthy and low-risk through nutrition and prenatal exercise. Our students learn that they can trust women’s bodies and their babies’ innate wisdom during the process of birth, and couples learn how to be informed consumers. Moms become self-reliant and confident about birthing their babies naturally, in safely and in comfort.

Through Hypnobabies “Fear Clearing” sessions, we help our expectant mothers to overcome negative belief systems and cultural programming. Hypnobabies guides mothers through their preparation for an easier, more comfortable birth experience, and teaches them skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

We are not a typical ”hypno-birthing” course. There are only a few self-study birth hypnosis programs and we have the most in-depth preparation for childbirth education bundled with our childbirth hypnosis CD tracks. Hypnobabies is far more detailed, thorough and highly effective, because it teaches hypnotic anesthesia techniques, from Gerald Kein’s amazing, “Painless Childbirth” program.

Hypnobabies Self- Study Course contains the same kinds of hypnotic scripts used by people who undergo surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthetic! Other hypno-birthing programs teach simple visualization and/or  guided imagery. Since we teach real medical hypnosis techniques, which address the mind, body, and emotions of both the mother and her baby, our students’ satisfaction rate is very high, which is also very gratifying to our instructors and the staff at Hypnobabies!

Hypnobabies also teaches Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis”, which allows each wonderful Hypno-mom to walk and talk, and move around freely while remaining very relaxed, fully present, aware and in touch with her body, her baby and her support team. Most Hypnobabies mothers report being “completely comfortable” while doing so. “Listen-only” hypno-birth programs requires the  mother to be complete immobility in order to remain in hypnosis, which can impede the progress of labor, and the descent and positioning of her baby. An upright and mobile mother who is using “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis”, means a faster and easier birthing!

We also fully prepare our Birth Partners by giving them their own extremely detailed Birth Partner’s Guide booklet for labor, which thoroughly explains their role in the preparation for baby’s birth, as well as how they can assist the Hypno-Mom during birthing. Birth Partners are an integral part of the preparation process and have their own hypnotic relaxation cues, and a very special role to play as they await the birth of their precious newborn. This is unique to Hypnobabies and we are very proud of this feature.

Hypnobabies can also be used by Single Mothers, or those mothers whose partners are unable to participate in their birth preparation process. All of our hypno-anesthesia techniques can be easily learned, practiced and used by the single mother, as well as with a Birth Partner or doula.

Hypnobabies also provides thorough preparation for childbirth education, which is often lacking in other birth hypnosis programs. Providing complete preparation for childbirth in our Hypnobabies classes and our Home-Study Course, ensures that our wonderful students will not have to take other natural childbirth classes whose philosophy is so different that it negates what they have learned in our birth hypnosis classes.

“Pain management and pain coping skills” are the exact opposite of what is taught in the Hypnobabies program, and counter-productive to the all the positive and encouraging messages and language used in Hypnobabies; we teach mothers how to remain completely comfortable by using real hypno-anesthesia techniques. The fact that we teach complete childbirth education as well as excellent hypno-anesthesia, helps make Hypnobabies a very successful childbirth preparation program whether mothers choose to take a class with an instructor or to do Hypnobabies Home-Study Course on her own.

Hypnobabies’ Complete Childbirth Education means we teach the following:

  • How to Choose a Compatible Prenatal Care-Provider
  • How to Choose a Compatible Birth Place
  • Questions to Ask When Touring the Birth Facility
  • Doula & Midwifery Information
  • How Moms Can Stay Healthy & Low-Risk
  • An In-depth Nutrition & Prenatal Exercise Program
  • Natural Comfort Measures for Pregnancy
  • How to Avoid Potentially Harmful Substances
  • Baby Kick Counting
  • Explanation of Birthing Choices & Creating Your Birth Preferences Plan
  • The Risks, Benefits & Alternatives to Common Labor Interventions
  • Questions to Ask to Create Informed Consent
  • What is Optimal Fetal Positioning?
  • How to Encourage a Posterior Baby to Turn
  • The Stages of Labor
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Late Pregnancy & Birth
  • Avoiding Induction and Cesarean Section
  • Prenatal Parenting
  • Birth Empowerment Skills
  • Baby Kindness Information
  • Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping
  • HypnosisTechniques for 3rd Stage & Post-partum
  • Comprehensive, Detailed Birth Partner Preparation
  •  Labor Support Practice Script for Birth Partners
  • A 28-page Quick Reference Booklet (Birth Partner’s Guide for Labor)

Our Hypnobabies Home-Study Course begins in a very special way; before learning hypno-anesthesia, you’ll be invited to meet your baby and bond with him/her by listening to a 2-track  CD entitled, “Your Special Place”. The second track is “Easy, Comfortable Childbirth”, which helps teach you how childbirth can easily be so comfortable. This track de-programs our expectant mothers  from a lifetime of negative cultural conditioning about the experience of childbirth.

Each Hypno-Mom is learns deep physical relaxation and hypnosis skills, beginning with their first Hypnobabies CD, which conditions her mind, her body and her emotions for the more in-depth hypno-anesthesia techniques which are to come!  This preparation makes it much easier for her learn her Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia techniques and to add cues and techniques during each week of our Home-Study course.

The Home-Study Course also prepares the Birth Partner to support the hypno-mom during hypnosis practices and during the baby’s birth itself, (if the mother has one). The Home-Study Course also teaches expectant moms how to use their new self-hypnosis techniques for many other things: nausea elimination, back and hip discomforts, insomnia, pre-term labor, pre-term bleeding, perineal massage, internal exams, turning a breech baby, to encourage a ‘late baby to come out’, etc.

The most important reason Hypnobabies mothers are so satisfied with the effectiveness of their hypnosis techniques is that our Hypnobabies Moms learn and practice hypnosis every day, which makes all the difference when programming the inner mind for an easier, more comfortable natural birth. Hypnotherapists call this, “compounding through repetition” which means that the more often a technique is practiced and the more frequently a suggestion is heard and accepted, the more powerful the effect becomes…very important when a mother is creating instant physical comfort with her hypno-anesthesia techniques.

Also unique to Hypnobabies is our very successful Hypnobabies “Birth Visualization” CD (available in Bundle #1), in which you can mentally and emotionally practice entering labor, experience your comfortable birthing techniques and give birth easily and in a very detailed and personal way. This “mental birthing rehearsal” is very important to the process of creating your easy and comfortable birthing, and is listened to many times until your Hypno-baby is born. This repetition helps to program your  subconscious mind to produce exactly the kind of birthing you want. Many athletes and public speakers of all kinds do this to prepare for an event with great success, and so do our Hypno-moms!

Our students also never have to guess how to use their Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis techniques, and deepening cues during childbirth; our program is very clear and concise and includes a Quick Reference Guide booklet for each birthing couple to use during their labor. We also include our wonderful “Birth Guide” CD which keeps our Hypno-mom deeply in hypnosis with constant hypno-anesthesia, hypnotic deepening and relaxation suggestions, for the first stage of labor as well as the pushing phase. Our Birth Guide CD even includes “positive birth team” suggestions throughout, allowing each birthing mother to feel supported, in-synch and communicate easily with caregivers and family. Birth professionals are shocked at how completely relaxed and physically comfortable our Hypno-moms are, how easily they are able to move around and communicate and still be deeply hypnotized, and how “in control” they are of their bodies, minds and emotions. Our Hypnobabies students tell us that our Birth Guide CD is “Pure Gold!”

Our Hypnobabies Instructors are always available for support, help and encouragement, before, during and after your Hypno-baby is born on our free online Hypnobabies Moms Groups and Forums. Our Home Study Hypno-Moms love to join our groups for support and encouragement, enjoying a community where others are using Hypnosis for Childbirth as well. We have daily tips and suggestions, childbirth hypnosis birth stories and a great deal of camaraderie.

Other programs have shorter and simpler childbirth hypnosis courses and they may contain some excellent hypno-tools for birthing, but none contain the amount of information, in depth hypno-anesthesia, training, practice and support of Hypnobabies. All elements have been carefully designed to work together and the results are amazing even to ME. Not all of our Hypno-moms will have a completely pain-free birthing, yet for most it will be very close to it, and this makes all the difference in the world to so many women. Very gratifying!

Hypnobabies is an excellent choice for all expectant mothers who desire Hypnosis for Childbirth that works beautifully!

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