Tridon’s Hypnobabies Home Birth Story

Tridon’s Hypnobabies Home Birth Story

“The water felt great. I just floated there and let pressure wave (Hypnobabies word for contraction) after pressure wave breathe over me. I was singing tones with every wave. Relaxing deeply between them. I remember my mom arrived and held my hand for a while telling me how good I was doing and how proud she is of me.”

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I had a quick and enjoyable birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor). My little Tridon is here and we love him so very much.

Waves started at about 7:00 am on 2/13/18. We started preparation for our birthing day. I ate a high protein breakfast and took a shower.

I then started calling all the needed persons. I called the midwives, my mom, MIL, my oldest son’s preschool, my friend who would take my kiddos for the day etc.

All the while giving directions to hubby to get kids dressed and gather needed items.

By 11:00 the midwives were here and essential early preparations we’re done and I asked my husband to order us all lunch. Waves were consistent and easy. I spent time between waves laughing and talking with my birthing team.

They checked baby’s position and found his head was low but his body was positioned very right in my belly. So my midwife asked me to do some side steps up my staircase to get him in a more centered position.

The side steps worked great and by the time I had done two rounds he was centered and we’ll positioned.

About 12:00 we ate lunch and hunkered down for the next stage. I couldn’t talk through waves anymore and was using my breathing and mental light-switch (Hypnobabies technique for entering hypnosis) to stay centered. Between waves was still fun and busy. We decided after lunch to check me out. We found I was at a 7 and my waters were bulging. So good progress had been made.

We decided to start filling the birthing pool. This took about an hour. But it was too hot. So they had to take water out and put more cold water in. So, I was able to get in at about 2:30 pm. But I had my midwife check me again before getting in and I was at a very soft 9. So I knew it wouldn’t be long.

After each check the waves came stronger. More concentration was needed to focus my hypno-anesthesia (created through Hypnobabies hypnosis to remain comfortable). But it was so good to know my progress and that baby was ready to come soon.

The water felt great. I just floated there and let wave after wave breathe over me. I was singing tones at every wave. Relaxing deeply between them. I remember my mom arrived and held my hand for a while telling me how good I was doing and how proud she is of me. Her knees couldn’t take the kneeling for too long though so they got her a chair and she sat and watched.

At times I was feeling pressures that were edging on pushy. So we did a quick check and I was fully ready. My waters were still intact and I was given the option to break them to help baby to be able to descend into position. I was given the okay to start some small practice pushes to see if that would help move him into position.

After a few of those that didn’t seem to be making a difference I opted for my midwife to break my waters. After that things went really fast. Small pushes got him down far enough I could feel his squishy little head. What an amazing feeling. Next wave I had no control over the urge to push. He was right there now and the pressure was so intense.

Next wave he was ready to join us. My body pushed and his head was born. The midwife checked for the cord and found it wrapped around his neck but my body kept pushing so she was scrambling to unwrap it twice as his body was born less than ten seconds after his head. The midwife got him untangled and to my chest. I just leaned back and relaxed. Breathing in deeply as I held him to me and they put towels on him to keep him warm. He was sticky with vernix all over him. He was perfect. He cried and his little lip quivered as he experienced for the first time life outside of his mommy.

A few moments later I gave a little push for the placenta to be born and they put it in a pot floating in the water next to us.

Soon it was time to move to the bed. Baby was given briefly to dad as I was helped from the water and dried off. As soon as I was settled in bed baby was back on my chest and we were nursing. The cord was still attached to the placenta and baby. I asked my MIL if she would like to cut baby’s cord. She was happy at the prospect.

We did skin to skin as they checked me for tears. There were only slight abrasions that would not require any stitches. Yay!

The time had come to cut the cord so MIL was invited in and they instructed her on what they wanted her to do. The cord was cut and it was so special for her to do it.

Now we could weigh and measure baby. He weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz. He was 20 ¼ inches long. With a head circumference of 14 ¼ inches!

He loves his mommy and has the sweetest smile.

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.