“Toddler Sleepy-Time” Track (Works on Dads too?!)

I have 3 little ones under the age of 6 and as you can imagine, sometime our night-night routine doesn’t go as smoothly as I’d like.  I began using the Toddler Sleepy-Time track on Saturday night.  I snuggled all 3 of them with me as we listened to it for the first time together.  They were all interested in it, telling me about the color of their clouds and what they wanted the fairy to bring them.  The 3 year old was the first to go out, followed quickly by the 5 year old and not long after the usual hold out, the 1 year old.

The next night, we all gathered together in the big comfy chair for our night-night snuggle, all 3 in my lap with one big blanket for all of us.  My husband gave us all hugs and kisses, then turned out the light as we settled in to listen to Kerry.  My 5 year old commented that the story was boring and wouldn’t put him to sleep; this time he didn’t make it past the clouds before he was snoring.  The 3 year old followed shortly behind as she quickly drifted off to sleepy land. What surprised me most was the snoring that came next, not from the 1 year old, but from my husband in the other chair!

Thanks Hypnobabies for another amazing tool for improving our lives!

Go Hypnobabies!!!