A woman on an online mom’s forum was struggling to keep her confidence up as her birth drew closer. She was planning her second VBAC, and first unmedicated birth using Hypnobabies. She kept talking about all the possible problems and reasons she should agree to an induction or “just go for the drugs” or even to elect for a repeat c-section. She was fighting off her OB’s induction suggestions (for a VBAC?!), despite being 5 cm dilated at 38 weeks, and 7 cm dilated at her 39 week appointment! Some of us encouraged her to think about more positive “What ifs?”, and she later posted this, which I thought deserved to be shared …

 “What if my water breaks on it’s own and I get to feel the joy that I’m going into labor in my natural surroundings?  What if I get to celebrate the start of “Birth Day” with my significant other and children, in our home…with excitement knowing our little one is soon to come?  What if I get the NCB nurse of my dreams and she is soothing and wonderful?  What if my mom sees just how strong of a woman I really am? What if I amaze my birth partner and he actually feels emotions and lets them show? What if I have people respect me and my birth time enough to listen to me calmly and openly, and treat me like they are lucky to be in attendance? What if I get to feel and see my baby come out? What if I get to feel him against my skin before he’s cleaned up and dressed? What if I get to hold and nurse him right away?  What if I am healed from past abuses by birthing my child? What if I feel so emotionally charged that baby blues are non existent? What if I have the birth of my dreams and am forever changed for the better? What if there is a renewed sense of appreciation for my older children and they feel more love from me? What if everything goes right?”

This morning she sent me a message (and a similar one to the board) that said simply. “My ‘What ifs’ came true.”

That is a good day’s work right there. Thank you, Kerry, for all you’ve done and all you do!

-Susan McClutchey, Hypnobabies Instructor in Durham, NC

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